Getting up and running with Calico on your on-prem K8s Cluster

Getting up and running with Calico on your on-prem K8s Cluster

Oct 22, 2020

If you are deploying Kubernetes on-premises in your datacenter, you won’t want to miss this talk and demo.

The first thing you’re thinking about might not be networking, but without some knowledge of the networking decisions you’ll need to make, and what the right option is given your environment, you’re likely to get stuck or make the wrong assumptions that may limit your ability to scale or integrate with the rest of the datacenter network.

In this live training and demo you will learn:

  • Networking considerations and the pros and cons of each when standing up a K8s cluster in your data center
  • Configuration considerations and when to choose the best options – e.g. what is KubeProxy and what mode should you run it in
  • How to install Calico with various K8s installers, with a live example using kubeadm
  • IP Address Management (IPAM) considerations – what is IPAM, why is it important, and what the benefits of Calico are
  • How to use Calico’s Policy to implement on-premises Network Security architectures

A Calico Enterprise trial is available after this session and you will be able to practice these use cases on your own within a hosted lab.