Does accuracy matter in DORA metrics? @Sleuth TV

Does accuracy matter in DORA metrics? @Sleuth TV

Sep 16, 2022

We've been diving in to all-things DORA metrics, and episode 5 continued the conversation. Sleuth's CTO Don Brown and special guest Kate Bierbaum, Sleuth's head of engineering, discussed accuracy in metrics:

  • Two sides of the accuracy coin
  • Metrics help you ask the right questions, so accurate metrics give you better context
  • A newcomer's take on DORA metrics
  • Metrics playing into team dynamics

01:08 Welcome

08:11 Teeing up accuracy in metrics

12:30 The Sleuth team’s DORA metrics

23:47 Welcome Kate Bierbaum

27:09 Sleuth’s roots as deployment tracker

28:12 Kate’s take on DORA metrics

32:30 Metrics and getting team context

40:00 How to know if a team is underperforming

43:38 Making teams more efficient

46:16 Team dynamics and culture

50:00 Key ingredients of a productive team

57:09 Don’s closing thoughts

57:50 Kate’s closing thoughts

Resources mentioned:
2014 State of DevOps Report:
Live demo of the Sleuth team using Sleuth: