Deploy Friday: E77 Simplifying local development with Lando

Deploy Friday: E77 Simplifying local development with Lando

Chad Carlson, Manager, Developer Relations,

Paul Gilzow, Developer Relations Engineer,

Alec Reynolds, CEO, Lando
Mike Pirog, CTO, Lando

DevOps isn’t just where your application is delivered, how it's tested, or how you end up provisioning remote development environments for it. Local development solutions are paramount, but like everything else, there are a ton of options with slightly different assumptions and philosophies for how your work is supported.

Should you work in a true development environment locally? Or should you treat local like a staging environment - as close to production as possible? What tools do you use, and at what level of abstraction? Ultimately, there are a lot of tradeoffs in this discussion, largely revolving around how much attention you give to setting up your environments compared to your application itself.

This week, Alec Reynolds and Mike Pirog discuss Lando, a Docker-based local development solution integrated with It’s an open-source project that provides an abstraction layer on top of Docker and Docker compose that attempts to simplify repeatable local environments. Whether you’re curious about improving your local development experience, or otherwise interested in the ecosystem of open-source tools built on top of Docker, join us to find out more about Lando!

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