Cisco Live EMEA '24 - Let's talk Full-Stack Observability!

Cisco Live EMEA '24 - Let's talk Full-Stack Observability!

Listen in on this conversation with Ronak Desai - Cisco AppDynamics SVP and General Manager for Full-Stack Observability where he discusses recent innovations such as the advancements with Digital Experience Monitoring and why DEM is important, Cisco AI Assistant and how Cisco leverages AI, and the Cisco Observability Platform with its huge number of developer led modules.


00:00 Intro with Ronak Desai

00:25 Challenges faced with Observability

00:51 Importance of Digital Experience Monitoring

01:14 Session replay and session recording

01:26 Security

01:48 GenAI - Cisco AI Assistant

02:22 Cisco Observability Platform and partner modules

03:46 Monitoring the end-user experience with Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM)

04:50 Data Security modul

05:39 Sustainability

05:58 AI and Observability

07:09 Autonomous root cause analysis