Bare metal Kubernetes hands on tutorial with MAAS and Juju

Bare metal Kubernetes hands on tutorial with MAAS and Juju

In this video tutorial, you will go hands-on and build your own simulated bare metal Kubernetes cluster using just a single computer 💻 with Anton Smith, product manager for MAAS. Along the way, you’ll get to use and learn about some Linux networking, MAAS, LXD, Ceph, Juju and Kubernetes, and at the end deploy an application to your new K8s cluster ✨.

To read more about the context for this tutorial, you should check out our bare metal Kubernetes whitepaper 📖:

To follow this tutorial, clone the following repository to the machine you will work on, and follow the instructions in the video:

The video is divided into several sections 🔖:

00:00 Introduction and goals

01:44 Setup overview and steps

02:55 Installing MAAS, LXD and setting up networking

07:07 Configuring MAAS

09:50 Creating and tagging machines in LXD using MAAS

16:43 Installing juju, bootstrapping the metal cloud, adding machines to Juju

26:20 Installing and configuring Ceph storage

30:44 Installing K8s cluster and relating it to Ceph

35:42 Add K8s cluster to Juju and bootstrap a controller

36:09 Deploy hello-kubecon application to the K8s cluster and configure an ingress

38:28 Enable external access and test the hello-kubecon application

40:34 Scale up and down the K8s cluster and hello-kubecon application using Juju

47:03 How to remove things/clean up

49:52 Summary and wrapup

To learn more about...

Read about the simple way to manage Kubernetes clusters here:

There is also a simple tutorial focused just on MAAS where you can try it in minutes ⏰ on your laptop here: