Avoiding the Data Roach Motel with Open Source

Avoiding the Data Roach Motel with Open Source

It's your data. You should be able to do whatever you want with it. However, vendor lock-in can trap your data in a single solution, making it extremely difficult to switch to something that better meets your needs. When your data goes in, but doesn't come out—that's a data roach motel.

Open source technologies, and solutions built with open source tools, enable organizations to take control of their data, giving them the freedom to put it into and take it out of whatever databases or solutions they see fit.

InfluxData founder Paul Dix discusses the data roach motel phenomenon and how InfluxDB relies on open source technologies, like the FDAP stack (Apache Flight, DataFusion, Arrow, and Parquet), to give organizations the flexibility and interoperability they want—and need—to do more with their data in the modern technology landscape.

Learn more about the FDAP stack: https://www.influxdata.com/blog/flight-datafusion-arrow-parquet-fdap-architecture-influxdb/

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