Automation and transformation in IT infrastructure with Jordan Lowe

Automation and transformation in IT infrastructure with Jordan Lowe

May 10, 2022

Co-founder and CEO of Deft, Jordan Lowe stops by Network AF to talk to host Avi Freedman about all things IT infrastructure. Previously known as ServerCentral, Deft continues to innovate on its services to make managing IT infrastructure a better experience for the business and those who run it. Highlights of the conversation include:

  • ServerCentral and being one of the first providers to combine domain names and web hosting for customers
  • Challenges in the networking business throughout Jordan's career, and the complexity of it all
  • How automation differs from 20 years ago when ServerCentral began
  • The challenges of running a network
  • Simplicity and reliability in the context of cloud-native thinking
  • How Deft divides responsibilities between teams for cloud networking and network ops
  • The need for automation, and checks and balances for maintaining operations
  • The reason Deft uses its own global nLayer
  • Packet destiny and public peering
  • What emerging and interesting tech Jordan is interested in that is coming down the road
  • Hype around SDN and SD-WAN
  • The evolution of Edge computing, and cloud architecture's ability to deploy easily

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