The AWS spend of a SaaS small business

In the first 30 days after moving Cronitor to AWS in January, 2015 we collected $535 in MRR and paid $64.47 for hosting, data transfer and a domain name. In the time since we’ve continued to increase our footprint, level-up instances and add more managed services. Despite the AWS reputation as an expensive foot-gun we’ve improved availability while keeping our bill consistently close to 12.5% of revenue. Here’s a look.


Lessons learned with Stripe subscriptions

In June, 2014 we shipped an MVP for Cronitor that was so basic I cringe a little when I think about it. It didn’t do very much, most features were cut, but it shipped with paid subscriptions on day one. We sold one to a friend. My earliest work on subscription integration was primitive: The first month’s charge was captured during the upgrade but we created each subscription by hand in the Stripe dashboard.