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Alert Fatigue in SRE and DevOps: What It Is & How To Avoid It

DevOps teams and site reliability engineers (SREs) contend with a never-ending flood of notifications and alerts about outages, potential threats, and other incidents. Companies rely on their DevOps teams to not only keep abreast of all the notifications but also to identify and prioritize the critical alerts and resolve problems in a timely manner. Yet in 2021, International Data Corporation (IDC) reported that companies with 500-1,499 employees ignored or failed to investigate 27% of all alerts.

Scale Your Monitoring and Observability With Sensu

Sensu is the complete cloud monitoring solution for observability at scale, designed to give you rich insight and ensure that you know what’s going on everywhere in your system. With true multi-tenancy, an enterprise datastore that keeps pace as you scale, and streaming handlers to process all those events, you can rely on Sensu for cloud, container, and application performance monitoring that provides deep visibility into your entire infrastructure.

Secrets Management: Use Cases, Best Practices, and Tools

To provide proper visibility into the health and status of your systems, observability tools require access to the internal and external services you’re using, and Sensu is no different. In the past, this could mean exposing sensitive authentication credentials like usernames and passwords with local environment variables or even by including the secret information in your monitoring configuration.

Securing Your Monitoring Software With mTLS

Mutual transport layer security (mTLS) is an important subject among security, reliability, and engineering professionals who need to secure API communication as well as communication between machines and the applications and services they run. And for good reason: in 2022, the global average cost of a data breach was US$4.35 million, and almost double that in the United States at US$9.44 million.

Get High-Performance, Enterprise-Class Observability With Sensu Go

Sensu offers a complete solution for infrastructure monitoring and observability, designed to give you visibility into all of your important infrastructure components, including containers, applications, traditional server closets, and the cloud. Sensu Go is a commercial product based on an open source core that is freely available under a permissive MIT License and publicly available on GitHub.

Kubernetes Monitoring: Metrics, Tools & Best Practices

Monitoring any type of resource can be challenging. But Kubernetes monitoring is a special kind of challenge. Not only are there a variety of different Kubernetes layers and resource types to monitor, but collecting monitoring data from Kubernetes can be difficult if you use a managed Kubernetes service that limits your access to the underlying infrastructure. For all of these reasons, Kubernetes monitoring requires a different approach.