What Cloud Safety Means in Physical Security

What Cloud Safety Means in Physical Security

Over the last few years, the spread of cloud services has been unstoppable, with 94% of businesses using them and 67% of enterprise infrastructure now being cloud-based. 

Applications of this technology range from customer service to HR management to security.

In this article, we will explore the various ways cloud solutions can help you boost your organization's level of safety.

Access video security data from anywhere

Video monitoring is a crucial part of a company's security arsenal. It allows you to create a deterrent against criminals and collect evidence when illicit or dangerous behaviors happen. 

Different types of organizations use these solutions. Surveillance cameras in schools, hospitals, retailers, and banks can all help these entities keep their occupants, customers, and staff safe.

The spread of cloud technologies has had a significant impact on video security. One advantage of storing video footage in the cloud is that users can access it remotely from anywhere worldwide as long as they have an internet connection and the proper credentials.

This also refers to live footage and not just to previously recorded data. Accessing live footage allows the organization to monitor the facility at any time, thus reducing the number of security workers that are needed on site.

Grant access to the premises from anywhere

What we just mentioned doesn't only apply to video security footage but also to access control devices.

When these devices are managed through the cloud, managers can grant access to on-site employees, hybrid workers, guests, and other authorized individuals without having to be on-site.

This is a great advantage, as it gives the organization more flexibility when managing access to physical locations. For example, a manager that is currently not on site could grant on-time access to employees that need to access an area that is typically off-limits to them.

Protect your data from physical intruders

Another benefit of using cloud solutions is protecting sensitive data from those who managed to access the premises without authorization.

Criminals and other ill-intentioned individuals may try to access confidential information by breaking into an organization's server rooms.

However, as servers are located off-site, physical intruders won't be able to get a hold of the data even when they manage to break into the facility.

Protect your data from natural events and accidents

Similarly, your data will also be kept safe from a series of natural events and accidents. These range from floods, fires, and earthquakes.

When servers are physically located on your premises, any of these events could damage them irrevocably, and the organization may lose vital data forever.

However, storing company data in the cloud ensures information is preserved even when your physical facilities are damaged.

Enjoy higher scalability

A great feature of cloud solutions is their high degree of scalability. By adapting to each business's size and operational volume, they can give the organization access to extensive security solutions that would otherwise be prohibitive for small businesses and involve very high costs for medium-sized ones.

Using cloud solutions means there is no need for a high upfront investment in hardware, meaning businesses can allocate funds to other operational areas while still enjoying high-quality security measures.

Let's consider the example of a small business with ten employees that may want to add video surveillance cameras in its offices. Typically, this would require the purchase of expensive hardware and the installation of the necessary wiring. However, by opting for cloud-based video surveillance, all the business would need is a compatible camera and an internet connection. 

This would make the initial investment very affordable while still allowing the small enterprise to benefit from modern video security measures.

Make one investment from multiple locations

Making multiple hardware investments across multiple locations can turn out to be very expensive, even for large businesses.

A great advantage of using cloud solutions is the possibility of using a central platform to manage security measures in different facilities.

This is a great feature for companies that have offices in different areas, cities, or states.

In addition to saving on hardware, you may also save on personnel, as you can have a single remote team monitoring the facilities and limit on-site security personnel to those who need to intervene directly when a threat manifests itself.

Benefit from cloud providers' advanced cybersecurity measures and expertise.

Using cloud solutions also has the additional advantage of enjoying the full spectrum of the cybersecurity measures used by cloud providers as well as their expertise in this field.

For example, cloud providers implement the strictest and most modern encryption measures, offering your data the highest degree of production from unauthorized access.

They also keep their systems up to date with the latest security patches and updates and can deploy resources quickly in case of an attack.

Finally, cloud providers typically have a team of certified professionals with extensive cybersecurity experience.

Most companies couldn't simply implement the same level of cybersecurity by themselves.