What Are The Most Popular Text Fonts In 2022?

What Are The Most Popular Text Fonts In 2022?

It's easy to have overlooked some of the tiny details, like how typography has changed rather radically because we've been so preoccupied with how the pandemic has changed the way we work and live in general.

Today, sharp, oversized characters are prevalent, along with a steady return to the familiarity and comfort of vintage typefaces like 1970s serifs. In addition, several entertaining new fonts have been released to help us forget about recent international events.

The limits of creativity and maximalism are currently being reached!

Fluid and Simple Script

Speaking of hip typographic styles, one that has been developing since 2021 is the usage of incredibly fluid, silky script typefaces that combine calligraphic and Art Nouveau features. You can include creative types in your designs with the help of these lovely and poetic current script fonts.

These scripts are becoming simpler and more flowing in 2022, heavily influenced by Arabic design. These display typefaces look great layered over photographs and may be used to accentuate branding, product photography, or websites. However, you can find many other elegant fonts, as seen here, if you're searching for something comparable that you can use in regular chats, like those on WhatsApp or Viber. They are more legible than more elaborate script styles because they are graceful and sparingly use cursive.

Rustic Serifs

A major font trend for 2020 was the use of carved, sculptural serifs that appeared to have been chiseled from stone. The sculptural trend has reached its peak, while the serif trend is still popular. Let us present you the rustic serif if you like the way sculptural serifs appear but are looking for something a bit on-trend.

These serifs are subtly charming with a touch of refined imperfection, and they are inspired by European cafe signage. These contemporary fonts, which are casual and naturally attractive, can be used to give print projects, like posters and book covers, more personality.

Simple and Strong Sans

This year's font trends include strong, striking fonts that are best suited for headlines and are ideal for business projects or designs that need to make a strong first impression.

To emphasize the strength of your bold, uncomplicated serif, match it with high-contrast color combinations like black and white or acid neons. The straightforward impact of a contemporary sans serif will help corporate websites, gaming marketing, technology branding, and sports branding.

High-contrast Serifs

Here is the current 2022 font trend: these achingly gorgeous high-contrast serif types provide print and web projects with a literary identity by drawing inspiration from Japanese typefaces.

These powerful fonts strike the ideal balance between classic and modern design, giving brand designs and logos a timeless and contemporary vibe that is ideal for businesses that wish to appear more established than they are. Serifs with a high contrast ratio look fantastic as body type on web pages and are simpler to read than traditional serifs.

Chubby Retro

With more people turning to products and designs with vintage-inspired styling for solace amid the pandemic, melancholy marketing has just grown more powerful. While overtly retro typefaces can currently appear a bit too gimmicky, fonts that gently recall 1970s-style designs nevertheless feel contemporary.

In 2022, chubby vintage typefaces will be utilized to lend a serious dose of joy and positivity to logos, signage, packaging, and websites. We also anticipate that retro-inspired fonts will have to go super-sized. Adorable chubby retro typefaces can uplift your spirits in 2022 if you're seeking a font style to make you smile.

Rounded Sans Serif

The rounded sans serifs represent the trend toward fuss-free branding in 2022 by being straightforward, inclusive, and honest. Previously, child-oriented products were the exclusive domain of rounded typefaces, but these more sophisticated versions of the rounded type design create the ideal harmony between amiable naivete and geometric style.

This modern font style is excellent for use across a variety of branding initiatives and is also incredibly readable, increasing online accessibility for users who are blind or visually impaired. Use it to create apps, brochures, advertising, and logos.

Quietly Quirky

In 2022, you can use these subtly odd font types to give your creations a cozy, old feel. Look for sans-serifs with small eccentricities and classic serifs. You're on the correct route if the symbols have a small, handcrafted wobble.

After quirkiness was prioritized in font trends in 2020 and 2021, the best typefaces of 2022 have a calmer but no less powerful vibe. Consumers will feel more at ease and comforted by businesses if they are readable, clear, and have an open, honest personality, especially if they are new to them in the congested digital market.