Unlocking the power of private AI for your SAP landscape: Avantra AIR

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Unlocking the power of private AI for your SAP landscape: Avantra AIR

Avantra is excited to unveil Avantra AIR, an AI driven extension of the Avantra platform that promises to transform how SAP powered organizations operate. With Avantra Air, we're continuing our journey to empower businesses to harness the full potential of their SAP data, break down silos, and drive unprecedented efficiency and innovation.

AI guidance prevents issue escalation

Picture this: you’re working for a logistics company, navigating a complex SAP landscape that spans multiple departments and processes. Your dispatching system relies on IoT devices to track and manage truck arrivals, but data silos and system limitations hinder your ability to identify and resolve issues proactively. A malfunctioning IoT device could lead to inaccurate truck arrival data, causing disruptions and inefficiencies that reverberate throughout your entire operation.

Enter Avantra AIR, a revolutionary solution that leverages private AI and federated learning to enable your SAP landscape to learn from data across various silos without compromising security or privacy. Avantra already continuously monitors your SAP environment, identifying potential issues and now, with Avantra AIR, provides personalized guidance to resolve issues before they escalate.

In the case of a malfunctioning sensor, Avantra AIR can detect the anomaly, alert your team, and recommend corrective actions. But the benefits don't stop there. Through federated learning, insights gained from other organizations' experiences are securely and anonymously shared with you, helping you proactively identify and address potential challenges before they impact your operations.

At the heart of Avantra AIR lies the concept of private AI. Unlike shared SaaS architectures like OpenAI, where multiple customers access a single AI model, private AI provides each customer with their own dedicated AI tenant. This means your SAP data remains secure and isolated within your own environment.

However, Avantra AIR takes this a step further by connecting these individual AI tenants to a collective "hive mind" through a Knowledge Graph. This innovative approach allows your private AI to learn from the experiences of other organizations without directly sharing sensitive data. It's like having your own personal AI advisor, continually growing smarter and more effective based on the collective wisdom of the entire Avantra community.

Imagine another logistics company has encountered and resolved the same IoT device issue. Avantra AIR will leverage that knowledge to provide you with preventative measures and best practices, ensuring your systems remain optimized and reliable.

Collective intelligence community

By tapping into the collective intelligence of the Avantra community, you benefit from the lessons learned by others, saving time and resources while avoiding costly disruptions.

And Avantra AIR's capabilities extend far beyond issue resolution. By integrating with your existing SAP systems and processes, Avantra AIR breaks down data silos creating a holistic view of your end to end operations. This enhanced visibility empowers you to make data driven decisions, optimize processes, and drive innovation across your entire SAP landscape.

For instance, by analyzing data from your dispatching system, Avantra AIR will provide actionable insights to optimize the technical components underpinning your critical business processes. It will identify patterns in system performance, propose improvements to enhance reliability and efficiency, and even predict potential technical bottlenecks before they occur. This level of predictive intelligence empowers you to make proactive decisions that ensure the smooth operation of your SAP landscape, ultimately supporting your business growth and competitive advantage.

Private AI for SAP landscapes

The possibilities for private AI within your SAP landscape are virtually limitless. Avantra AIR's roadmap includes developing proactive AI agents to work alongside your human employees, automating tasks, learning from user behavior, and continuously optimizing performance. These agents will act as intelligent partners, freeing your team to focus on strategic initiatives and innovation.

As someone working with SAP, you understand the critical importance of data security and privacy. With Avantra AIR, you can rest assured that your sensitive SAP data remains protected. Our private AI approach ensures that your data stays within your control while still allowing you to benefit from the collective insights of the Avantra community.

In a nutshell, Avantra AIR offers you an exciting opportunity to enhance business operations through a more intelligent and efficient SAP landscape. By leveraging private AI and federated learning, organizations can optimize their data, share information across functions, and enhance business processes. Avantra AIR helps you to lead your organization towards success with confidence and agility, allowing the enterprise to make accurate and insight-driven decisions which accelerates innovation, achieving a competitive edge.

Talk to an Avantra expert and approach find out how Avantra Air can transform your SAP landscape.