The Ultimate List of Essay Writers

The Ultimate List of Essay Writers

Suppose you are active on Twitter or LinkedIn. In that case, you must have seen all the stories about the incredible benefits that artificial intelligence-based essay writers and AI-content generators are providing to people. These tools offer immense value, and AI is no longer a buzzword but a reality.

You must open your eyes to this reality and start adapting before some generative AO tools eat away at your job. One of the most common questions, “Will AI replace all of our jobs?” is floating around online. Considering all the advantages and disadvantages of AI writing tools can help you choose the right tool to train for so that you always stay one step ahead of the curve and can become an expert essay writing expert before it's too late!

AI can eventually serve to improve one’s work rather than do it entirely for them. In this blog, we will explore the four best essay writing an essay re-writing tools that can help you do wonders when it comes to academic essay writing:

List of 5 Best AI Essay Writers of 2024

Here’s our list of best AI essay writers, their unique feature, and their introductory plan pricing.

Sr. No.


Key features 



EssayZoo’s Essay Rewriter

The Best Essay Creator and Rewriter



An essay re-writing tool that features the most advanced AI algorithms




Most liked by students




Well-liked by researcher and blogger



Article forge

Great for marketing 


1. EssayZoo Essay Re-Writer


Essay Rewriter is considered one of the leading AL-based solutions for rewriting essays. It has a student-friendly interphase that students at all levels can use to revise and improve their essays. Its most prominent characteristic is that it helps create new ideas and renovate old essays, thus saving students unique time and ideas for re-writing their pieces.

It also has features such as grammar and spelling checks that ensure that the essays are free of errors and are fit for submission. 

  • The Essay Rewriter helps the students cite while writing their essays as they use various reference styles so that anyone can easily re-write essays without any problem.
  • As to pricing, EssayZoo Essay Rewriter has student-friendly subscription plans, meaning they don't charge anything for this fantastic tool, and students can enjoy their services for free. 
  • With this clear pricing structure, students can see what to pay for and are not surprised by hidden fees or charges.
  • In general, using such a tool as EssayZoo Essay Rewriter APA, along with essay restart, grammar check, plagiarism check, and citation help, is essential for optimal writing and performance on academic papers.



One of the best AI-based essay writing tools on the market today is, thanks to the multitude of options that it enables for students. The interface of this tool is user-friendly, which means that students of different levels can use it. One of these features is the one that lets you create ideas for an essay and structure them logically, saving a lot of time for students as they spend a considerable amount of time trying to brainstorm and organize their thoughts. The site also offers grammar and spelling checks so that essays are free of errors and a finished product.

One of the critical features of EduWriter is a plagiarism checker that students can use to ensure that their papers are unique. This is an essential use of technology, especially in academic writing, where novelty is significantly treated. Furthermore, for the ease of correctly formatting references to fit different citation styles, EduWriter provides an appendix on how to make a citation.


As for pricing, the plans offered by EduWriter are cheap, which makes it an affordable option for thousands of students. Students can choose between monthly and yearly subscriptions to select the most convenient and cost-effective plan for their goals. This transparent pricing structure ensures that students are fully aware of the rates they invest in without any hidden costs or surprises.

Power of AI Edu Writer AI Essay Re-Writer

Whether you’ve been active on popular social media channels like Twitter or LinkedIn over the last few days, one thing you’re likely to have come across are the countless articles and posts detailing the incredible positives associated with artificial intelligence for writing — followed closely by images or articles asking if AI bots will be eliminating our jobs very shortly. Remembering all the advantages and disadvantages of AI writing tools might be challenging.

Because AI essay writing is meant to make you more productive, EduWriter can help with good work purposes. As much as we can agree with the counter-argument excuse, the machines will not take over, but the bas stealing our jobs AI can be used to help you work better and not precisely replace you from your job entirely.

3. Writesonic

WriteSonic uses the Open AI GPT 4 language model under its ‘Business’ plan, ChatGPT's current model. This enables Writesonic to do more profound research and develop better-quality essays. Other tools are a Blog Idea generator, paraphrasing tool, and article summarizer.

Writesonic Overview

Writesonic is perfect for those needing help writing articles as the tool handles other long-form content, such as essays. Learn more about its purpose, features, practical uses, and everything you need to know in our Writesonic Review!

Critical features of Write Sonic

  • Text expander
  • In-built Essay Re-Writing tool
  • Plag-free content
  • Personalized written content
  • Easy-to-Use Interface


Writesonics free trial provides 100+ templates and an option to use the browser extension. Check out the other subscription plans per user: Although synchronous lesion aneurysm formation was observed in a few groups, spontaneous aneurysm formation did not occur.

Unlimited Business Enterprise

  • $16/mo $12.67/mo Custom

4. Rytr

It perfectly sums up the capabilities of the tools since it is an all-around writing platform. Rytrs offers quality content on more than 40 content types. The tool employs Open AIs GPT 3 to help in its machine learning process.

Rytr overview

Rytr allows you to write your content in more than 20 voices. Rytr also has a tool to paraphrase a sentence you don’t like and a plagiarism checker that checks for the originality of the content.

Key features

  • Boring sentences need rephrasing or shortening.
  • Built-in plagiarism checker
  • Dedicated account manager
  • Easy-to-use interface


The free plan Rytr provides generates 10,000 characters and enables users to take advantage of more than 40 use cases. Other subscription packages include

Saver Plan Unlimited Plan

  • $9/mo $29/mo