UKCloud selected for Defra E-alliance to promote Net Zero govtech

UKCloud selected for Defra E-alliance to promote Net Zero govtech

By UKCloud
Oct 28, 2021
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London – 28th October 2021 – UKCloud, the multi-cloud experts dedicated to making transformation happen across UK public sector, has today announced it will join the Defra E-alliance and build upon its carbon neutral credentials to mobilise the UK government technology (govtech) community to achieve net zero carbon emissions by 2030, ahead of the UK's broader target.

The UK Government recently enshrined the world's most ambitious climate change target into law to reduce emissions by 78% by 2035, taking the UK more than three-quarters of the way to reaching net zero by 2050. Ahead of COP26, the government launched the 'Together For Our Planet' campaign, calling on businesses, civil society groups, schools and the British public to take action on climate change. Defra's E-alliance specifically seeks to, "highlight the role of technology in accelerating climate action".

UKCloud has consistently demonstrated the sustainability potential of cloud technology since its formation in 2011 as a certified CarbonNeutral Company. UKCloud worked with Natural Capital Partners to develop the innovative CarbonNeutral Cloud Services scheme, which led to UKCloud becoming the first cloud provider to deliver evidenced carbon offset statements which supports the net zero emissions commitments of hundreds of UK public sector organisations modernising inefficient legacy data centres onto the UKCloud platform. UKCloud has offset more than 214 tonnes of carbon on behalf of its customers as verified in its recent Social Value Quality Mark Level 2 award. In addition, UKCloud is actively encouraging its govtech partners to follow its lead and pledge support for the UK's net zero emissions goal along with other social value commitments.

These commitments and achievements are aligned with UKCloud's Memorandum of Understanding as a Strategic Cloud Provider to the UK government, and support its nomination as Sustainable Organisation of the Year at the UK IT Industry Awards. These credentials led to UKCloud being invited as one of a select group of digital organisations to form Defra's E-alliance.

Mattie Yeta, Head of Sustainability, IT Defra, PhD Researcher said "Technology is bringing incredible benefits to our world. But we must challenge the growing sustainability challenges it poses to our environment, people and communities. The Defra E-alliance is an essential part of the UK's plans to achieve Net Zero carbon emissions. The E-alliance consists of a Defra's suppliers and partners such as UKCloud. Defra and UKCloud have delivered a number of initiatives together. I am delighted to be showcasing the technology-led sustainability initiatives the E-Alliance has to offer at COP26."

UKCloud will be supporting COP26 through Defra's E-alliance and partners event between 1-5 November 2021 in Glasgow. This event will explore technologies and innovations for building resilience, mitigating emissions and achieving net zero and will take the format of exhibitions, Race to Zero conferences and CEO panel discussions by leading global organisations, governments, UN bodies, academia and NGO's.

"I am delighted to represent UKCloud at COP26 in Glasgow by participating in Defra's 'Race to Zero' session discussing the challenges and opportunities for business. UKCloud has long demonstrated innovation in helping UK public sector organisations adopt sustainable cloud technology. We are excited to join Defra's E-alliance which provides UKCloud a platform to continue to lead the govtech community toward net zero emissions by 2030", John Godwin, Director of Compliance and Information Assurance.

The event itself will also be net zero with no paper consumables. The agenda will be delivered via an app, digital content such as brochures will be provided by QR code, travel will be offset, and delegate badges will be biodegradable. Even the UKCloud stand will be reused and recycled from existing assets.

As a certified CarbonNeutral Company, UKCloud continuously seeks to identify and reduce its carbon emissions at source, including through its choice of technology vendors (such as VMware Zero Carbon Committed) and data centre providers, the use of green office technologies and waste recycling, and challenging its colleagues to reduce their individual carbon footprint associated with business travel and daily commuting.

UKCloud's sustainability goals include the year-on-year analysis of and reduction in carbon production, which in turn means lower amounts of carbon are required to be offset each year – supporting a progression from carbon neutral to net zero. Progress is reported within the detailed Carbon Reduction Plans published on UKCloud's website each year as evidence of its progress to achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2030.

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