Transforming Company Gatherings: Unique Entertainment Trends in Corporate Event Planning

Transforming Company Gatherings: Unique Entertainment Trends in Corporate Event Planning

Imagine standing in a room filled with colleagues, the hum of chatter intertwined with the soft melodies of a live band, as you marvel at the innovative tech displays around you. 

You're not at an industry expo or a tech conference, you're at your annual company gathering, which has transformed into an immersive experience.

With the evolution of corporate event planning, traditional business gatherings are getting an exciting makeover. Innovative entertainment trends or platforms like Book with EVA are playing a pivotal role in this transformation, making company events not only enjoyable but memorable. Whether it's unusual venues, interactive food and drink stations, or personalized experiences, these trends are redefining the way you perceive corporate events.

But, how are these trends shaping the future of company gatherings? Let's discover together.

Embracing Technology in Events

In the dynamic world of corporate event planning, it's essential that you embrace technology to create engaging and memorable experiences. Whether you're coordinating a small business conference or a large corporate gala, integrating tech can help you stand out from the crowd.

Consider using interactive digital signage. This isn't your run-of-the-mill signpost; it's a tool that can display event agendas, speaker bios, or even social media feeds. It's a sleek, modern approach that'll keep your attendees informed and engaged.

Virtual reality is another game-changer. Ever thought about offering a VR tour of a new product? Or perhaps a VR experience that aligns with your company's mission? It's not only engaging, but it'll leave a lasting impression.

Likewise, don't overlook the power of event apps. They're not just for large trade shows anymore. An event app can provide a platform for networking, real-time updates, and even personalized schedules.

Experimenting With Unusual Venues

As you journey into the realm of corporate event planning, don't be afraid to experiment with unusual venues that can add a touch of uniqueness and intrigue to your event. Standard conference halls and boardrooms are often the go-to choices, but think outside the box and you'll find a wealth of untapped potentials.

Consider hosting your event in an open-air museum, a renovated barn, or even a yacht. These unconventional settings not only provide a refreshing change of scenery but also inspire creativity and foster engagement among attendees. For instance, a tech company might host a product launch in a refurbished warehouse to reflect its innovative spirit.

However, there are practicalities to consider. Ensure that the venue aligns with the message of your event and is conducive to the planned activities. Equally important is the accessibility and comfort of your guests. Take into account factors like location, parking options, and facilities available.

Ultimately, an unusual venue can transform a mundane corporate event into a memorable experience. So, don't shy away from taking that road less travelled in your event planning journey. It could be the key to creating an event that stands out in today's crowded corporate landscape.

Interactive Food and Drink Stations

Just as you're thinking outside the box for your venue selection, why not add a dash of creativity to your catering with interactive food and drink stations? They're not only a trend, but they also add an engaging element to your corporate event, breaking the ice and sparking fascinating conversations among attendees.

Imagine a sushi station where a skilled chef rolls fresh sushi right before your guests' eyes, or a craft beer corner where a brewmaster explains the brewing process while offering samples of unique brews. Perhaps you prefer a gourmet coffee bar, where a barista prepares cappuccinos and lattes on demand, or a mixologist who creates custom cocktails based on each guest's preference.

These interactive stations don't just provide sustenance; they're also educational and entertaining, offering a unique experience that your guests will remember long after the event is over. They encourage guests to mingle and network, transforming the typically mundane task of grabbing a plate of food into an engaging activity.

Importance of Personalization

Often overlooked, personalization plays a crucial role in making your corporate event stand out from the crowd. It's about creating an experience that resonates with your attendees on a personal level, making them feel valued and acknowledged.

In the sea of corporate events, personalization can be your life raft. It helps your event to be more memorable and engaging, which can lead to a host of benefits, like increased brand loyalty and improved employee morale.

You can start by understanding your audience. What're their likes, dislikes, and preferences? Use this information to tailor your event, from the theme, décor, food, to the entertainment. It could be as simple as incorporating your company's colors into the décor or as elaborate as customizing the entertainment to match your attendees' interests.

Sustainability in Event Planning

Incorporating sustainable practices into your event planning isn't just about being eco-friendly, it's a strategic move that can set your corporate event apart, making it resonate with an increasingly environmentally conscious audience.

By going green, you're not only making a positive impact on the environment but also sending a powerful message about your company's commitment to sustainability. This could be as simple as reducing paper usage by opting for digital invitations or as significant as choosing a venue that prioritizes green initiatives.

Consider sourcing local food and drink to cut down on transportation emissions, or using biodegradable or reusable materials for event decor. You can also offset the carbon footprint of your event by investing in renewable energy projects or tree planting initiatives.

Moreover, think about incorporating sustainability into your event's theme or activities. Perhaps a keynote speaker could address environmental issues, or a team-building exercise could involve a beach clean-up.


As you move forward with your corporate event planning, remember to embrace technology, consider unusual venues, and create interactive food and drink stations.

Don't forget the importance of personalization and sustainability.

These trends not only entertain but also engage your attendees, making your gatherings memorable.

By staying ahead of the curve, you'll not only transform your events but also leave a lasting impression on your guests.