Top Essential Features That A VPN Should Have

Top Essential Features That A VPN Should Have

VPN is a powerful tool for accentuating security and securing online privacy. 

There is a myriad of VPN providers available, each offering a plethora of features, so it is paramount to comprehend the most useful features.

If you opt to use a VPN service or are planning to get a new one, there are a few features you need to make the most of it. If you are looking for the best VPN service, click here to learn more.

In this article, you will explore the top features a VPN should be using so you can boost your online protection and digital freedom.

Top Features A VPN Should Have  

Here are the top VPN features you should be looking for.

1. Secure VPN Protocols 

Any reliable VPM provider will allow you to connect to a server. Thus, Surf Shark offers the most secure VPN protocol.

However, when looking for the best VPN, ensure they offer a reliable VPN protocol.

On the other hand, if the VPN provider offers a weaker VPN protocol, you might need to unblock geo-restricted content quickly. Remember, the stronger the encryption, the more likely the connection will slow down.

Besides, the VPN protocol varies, and all decent VPN providers offer the ability to select between protocols before connecting to a VPN server.

2. Strong Encryption  

It is one of the most important features you need to look for in a VPN service.

Encryption can scramble your data, so cybersecurity cannot read it without the encryption key.

Thus, look for VPNs that include the following truce: 

Open VPN

Wire Guard. 


Generally, AES encryption is an effective sign. It offers an advanced encryption standard used by the NSA, Apple, And Microsoft. Moreover, as far as we know, it has yet to be officially broken. 

3. DNS Leak Protection  

A DNS leak occurs when your browser’s DNS requests are sent directly to the ISP’s DNS server without running them through the VPN.

The DNS is used to alter the IP addresses into website domain names and vice versa. As a result, a DNS leak lets the ISP see what websites you access, even with a VPN.

However, it might only occur with a few VPN servers, so we suggest you choose a VPN provider that actively offers protection.

4. Shared IP Address  

A VPN provider that offers dedicated IP addresses is a red flag because a dedicated IP address can be linked back to you.

Moreover, a shared IP address can be shared among the VPN users, making it impossible to link the activities with specific VPN users.

Furthermore, you need to consider dedicated IP address costs. At times, service providers charge more. Remember, a VPN provider offers shared IP addresses and can offer cost-efficient services.

5. Kill Switch  

A VPN kill switch is an integral tool that significantly removes all internet access on the device if the connection to a VPN server drops.

Thus, it is one of the most important features of a VPN service, as it protects you from being accidentally exposed on the web.

For instance, you might experience connectivity issues with a VPN server. This can occur due to the distance between the server and you, or the device’s Wi-Fi card being outdated or expired.

6. High-Speed Servers  

Any VPN service provider should offer a high-speed server so users can have a smooth experience, specifically as VPN encryption can lead to a certain lag.

As an additional service, some VPN service providers like to offer the ultimate bandwidth and ensure the servers are double proxy servers.

Select The Right VPN Yourself  

Are you baffled by the many traits and features of VPN? Let me tell you, the market is overflowing with VPN providers, and everyone claims to be the best. 

When it comes to selecting the best VPN, you can get help from the above-mentioned tips and consider the features.

Moreover, make a list of significant features and ensure you have a fixed budget. This will help you compare different VPN service offerings and consider the one that you are looking for.

However, the final choice depends on your requirements and why you must use a VPN.