Top Crypto Exchanges in 2023: Ultimate Guide

Top Crypto Exchanges in 2023: Ultimate Guide

If you are familiar with the world of cryptocurrencies, you already know about the existence of cryptocurrency exchanges. These are trading hubs where you can buy, sell, exchange, or interact with tokens. In our review, we will describe the top projects of crypto of today, with the most significant volumes of trade in digital assets.


In simple words, Binance is a place where you can sell and buy cryptocurrency, but in reality, the functionality of the site is much more diverse. Today, the site is a self-sufficient ecosystem, with a portfolio of instruments suitable for both novice players and large traders. The history of Binance goes back to 2017 when Chinese entrepreneurs Changpeng Zhao and Yi Hee founded the company. That same year, they managed to raise more than $15 million by launching Binance's native coin, BNB, in an ICO (Initial Coin Offering).

Despite the fact that Binance is positioned as a platform for cryptocurrency trading, its functionality is not limited to spot trading. In addition to it, the platform offers:

  • Cryptocurrency loans (Crypto loans);
  • Margin trading;
  • Cryptocurrency Staking;
  • P2P transactions;
  • Liquidity swap;
  • Leveraged trading;
  • Fiat to crypto exchange.

The distinctive features of the Binance site are:

  • High speed of transactions;
  • Low commissions for trading and withdrawal;
  • Wide range of trading instruments;
  • Reliable protection algorithms;
  • More than 400 available cryptocurrencies;
  • Possibility to add fiat currencies to your account;
  • Simplified version for beginners – Binance Lite.

But despite the wide range of advantages, it is also important to remember about disadvantages. For example, on Binance, users are required to undergo a KYC procedure to access the main trading instruments, and also on Binance, errors occur very often during periods of active cryptocurrency trading, such as during the rise of Bitcoin or Ether, which can lead to loss of funds.


The site works in 12 languages, including English, French, Russian, Spanish, and Portuguese. The site guarantees 24-hour access to crypto-trading. Even during periods of volatility, the probability of failure does not exceed 0.1%. Exchange clients can conduct operations in the following markets:

  • Spot;
  • Inverse perpetual contract;
  • USDT perpetual contract;
  • Inverse futures.

The company offers more than 100 assets in spot trading, as well as 100 perpetual and quarterly futures.

Profitable cryptocurrency storage at ByBit is also possible. The site has a ByFi platform whose users can earn income from investing in free assets. To log in to the ByBit exchange, all you have to do is specify your email address or phone number and the password you made up during registration. If you can't remember the login combination, there is a recovery option. It is enough to tell and confirm the new password and enter the code sent to your email or cell phone. If you have a subaccount, you can enter through the username and password used for it. A subaccount is an additional account that allows the client to conduct various internal operations.


Now the Kuna exchange offers to buy and sell all demanded cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, and others. Operations are available not only within token pairs but also with fiat. Many world currencies, ranging from the U.S. dollar to the Ukrainian hryvnia, can be used as fiat. Bitcoin acts as the main coin. All other currencies are focused on it. At the same time, a user has access to pairs that do not have BTC.

The platform attracts users not only with the ability to conduct transactions in local currency but also with minimal transaction costs. Commissions on the Kuna exchange are lower than on other trading platforms.

The trading platform has released its own cryptocurrency, KUN Token, with which all available transactions can be made. The main advantage of using it is the almost complete absence of commissions and lower limits. The only action for which you will have to pay a commission using this payment tool is the withdrawal of funds.


Since the site opened, registration on the exchange has been passed more than 2 million times, and this figure is growing rapidly. Residents of more than 190 countries are regular users of the platform. Operations with cryptocurrency can also be carried out through a convenient mobile application. There are versions of the program for iOS and Android operating systems. The company cares about customer comfort, offering the most simple interface and convenient tools for managing cryptocurrency and fiat assets. The service is available in 10 languages. 

Newbies can get a quick overview on the FAQ page. If you can't find an answer to a question there, the support team is available 24/7. Whitebit Exchange offers the following earning opportunities:

  • Trading Customers can earn from transactions with cryptocurrencies and regular currencies. Spot and margin trading, exchange, DEX, and P2P are available. Over 400 trading pairs.
  • SMART-stacking You can earn up to 30% passive income per year by investing your cryptocurrency in exchange projects. A large selection of plans with different interest rates, terms, and restrictions on the deposit amount is offered.
  • Referral program Distributing referral links, you can earn 40% of the trading commissions of invited clients. Accruals according to the program are carried out monthly in the currency operated by the attracted user.

The exchange is ready to promote promising cryptocurrencies by listing them. Placing assets on this platform will help to dramatically increase demand for them in the near future.