Top 5 Must-Have Home Security Gadgets in 2023

Top 5 Must-Have Home Security Gadgets in 2023

Mar 15, 2023
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Do you want to secure your home with the help of technology but have no idea where to get started from? Leave it on us as this article will tell you about all the most happening gadgets that you must invest in to keep your house safe from burglars while keeping it fully automated.

All you need to ensure is a stable internet connection, to run the home security gadgets we are about to mention, as every gadget requires Wi-Fi to fully function. If your current internet connection is flimsy and you can’t trust it with the home security appliances then you can check out Optimum internet and back up your home with its powerful in-home Wi-Fi.

With that sorted, let’s get right into the list of top 5 home security gadgets you must have in 2022:

1. Security Cameras

The first step to ensure the security of your property is the installation of security cameras. It will allow you to keep an eye on different corners across your house even when you are miles away. There is a variety of smart security cameras available that will help you keep a check on what activities are going on inside as well as outside your home’s premises.

You won’t have to worry about leaving your kids alone with the nanny, random people wandering around your property, or burglars breaking into your house. The latest technology security camera is even equipped with sensors and facial recognition software. They send alerts to your smartphone when someone touches the walls, gates, or doors where the cameras are installed.

Most of these security cameras are easy to set up and install and you can do it on your own. However, if you’re going for complex camera installation around your house you will need professional help.

2. Video Doorbells

Just when we thought that smart doorbells were the ultimate future as they sent intelligent notifications when someone comes close to the doors or rings the doorbell, technology has taken it one-step ahead. Video doorbells are the new big thing in home security gadgets. As the name suggests the doorbell comes with a built-in camera as well as a microphone that allows you to see who the visitor is.

You can hear, see, and video record with the help of these doorbells. They are usually connected to Wi-Fi and come with a smartphone app that lets you see who is approaching your property. You can also set activity alerts, live stream videos using the app, and talk with the visitors using the two-way talk feature.

3. Smart Locks

If you’re someone who misplaces their house keys too often then smart locks are just the perfect home security gadget for you. It allows you to enter your home by using your smartphone or a small remote control device system for wireless verification and unlocking the door. You can also use digital cryptographic codes to unlock doors. Smart locks are also designed to work with voice assistants using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth technology.

Similar to other smart home devices, the technology used in smart locks can unlock doors for you using the sensors as soon as you enter the premises of your property. Not only smart locks are safer and more secure than traditional locks but it also adds a stylish touch to your home and offers better connectivity as well as durability.

4. Smoke detectors

Your home isn’t fully secure unless you have installed smoke detectors in it. A smoke detector usually works by using different kinds of technologies that sense and detects fire at an early stage. The alarms will go on right away to alert you thus resulting in saving from bigger risks. You can also set alert notifications on your smartphones to take control of the situation even when you are away from home.

It’s highly recommended to install smoke detectors on each floor of your, especially in the room where doors are often kept closed. However, avoid installing smoke detectors in bathrooms where they can easily be triggered by steam

5. Smart Plugs

To have a fully controlled and secure home it’s important to invest in gadgets like smart plugs. Smart plugs are affordable and one of the easiest-to-use smart home devices. It allows you to switch on and off your appliances even on the go using your smartphone or voice command. You can control your devices remotely from any corner of your house. All you need to do is plug in the smart plug in any outlet of your home and it becomes a smart outlet for you.

Forget about leaving a light on when you’re away from home. You can schedule it with a tap on your screen even when you’re miles away from home. With smart plugs, you can take full control of your kid’s TV time as you can easily turn on and off TV even if you’re at work. Either way, smart plugs can be a great inclusion in your home automation system as they cut down on waste as well as help you lower your monthly power bills.

Wrapping up

With advancements in technology, it has become easier to protect your homes and live a carefree life. This article mentions the home security must-haves you should invest in this year so that you and your family enjoy comfort and sound living.