Monitoring AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems using Microsoft SCOM

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Monitoring AIX and Linux on IBM Power Systems using Microsoft SCOM

High-volume applications build on IBM Power cores

IBM Power systems are very popular for embedded and high-performance processors, as embedded applications provide an array of uses, including satellites, and the Mars rovers’ Curiosity and Perseverance. They are widely used in the financial business, depending on secure high-speed transactions. Supercomputers like the IBM Summit, Sierra, and Lassen run on IBM Power systems. The National Instruments Smart Cameras for machine vision use it. IBM Power systems are also found in the oil business, mainly used in valve controllers, pump and drill systems that require high reliability.

So, IBM Power systems’ health, response time, and availability are vital in many areas, and monitoring them is a key imperative. NiCE offers two Management Packs for SCOM for advanced AIX and Linux monitoring on IBM Power systems.

The NiCE AIX Management Pack

AIX processing time is measured in work units. A CPU hog can become expensive. Under-provisioned AIX systems will react slowly to business application queries, which will cause undesired end-user or processing delays.

The NiCE AIX Management Pack provides extensive monitoring and reporting options for AIX on Power systems. Key features include availability, OS, performance, Network Adapter, Security & Log Monitoring, including 30+ Performance Collectors.

The NiCE Linux Power Management Pack

Availability of an IBM Power system is typically not an area of concern, while performance monitoring is a key business imperative. The Management Pack ensures top response time and availability of your Linux-based IBM Power environments.

The NiCE Linux Power Management Pack enables you to monitor and report the availability and performance of Logical Disk instances, including BTRFS file systems, Network Adapter instances, Red Hat Enterprise Linux Server Operating System instances, and health checks of the processor instance.

Both Management Packs are highly customizable, ease day-to-day administration, offer fire-proof operations, and help you troubleshoot faster to boost IBM Power-based business services’ performance.