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NiCE VMware MP 5 7 Release Recording 2023Q4

Come witness the unveiling of the NiCE VMware Management Pack 5.7 in our release video: "Advanced VMware Monitoring on SCOM and Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance." Dive into the dynamic world of virtualization management as we introduce an array of new monitoring features that promise to elevate the capabilities of Microsoft System Center Operations Manager (SCOM) and Azure Monitor SCOM Managed Instance.

Citrix VAD and ADC Monitoring on Microsoft SCOM

Master rapidly changing application delivery landscapes, growth in user demand, and the need to improve user experience. Citrix virtualization technology has become a crucial aspect of many businesses. It enables organizations to provide remote access to their applications and desktops, improving productivity and efficiency. However, managing Citrix environments can be challenging, especially regarding performance and availability. That's why proactive monitoring is essential to ensure Citrix systems run efficiently.

Monitoring AIX & Linux on IBM Power using Microsoft SCOM | NiCE Webinar

AIX and Linux run some of the fastest supercomputers. Therefore they are no strangers to IT Operations Managers in finance, health care, telecommunications, and energy industries. AIX & Linux are highly secure and reliable Operating Systems running their enterprise servers. In this webinar, you will learn tips and tricks for advanced AIX & Linux monitoring, helping you to ensure even more performance, control, and security.

Next Level Oracle Monitoring Options Features DeepDive NiCE 2023Q1

Next Level Oracle Monitoring | Options, Features, Deep-Dive Performance, availability, and Oracle observability are the hot topics for the next decade. Get a guided tour on advanced Oracle monitoring based on Microsoft System Center Operations Manager, run by the NiCE Product Experts. The NiCE Oracle Management Pack, in conjunction with one of the big players in IT Operations Management, easily enables end-to-end Oracle observability and thus helps reduce risk and downtime.

NiCE VMware Monitoring Adds Value 2021Q2

Virtualization is part of many IT environments and a very effective way to reduce expenses while boosting efficiency and flexibility. VMware monitoring using the NiCE VMware Management Pack for Microsoft SCOM enables you to ensure maximum performance and availability of your VMware vSphere and ESXi environments. The NiCE Management Pack enables insight beyond the virtualization layer and discovers how the virtualization configuration impacts your application services and end-user experience.