Managed Service Providers (MSPs): How Can They Help Scale Your Business?

Managed Service Providers (MSPs): How Can They Help Scale Your Business?

Jan 4, 2023
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As a business owner, there are several functions you must ensure are running efficiently to enhance the success of your venture. Information technology (IT) plays a vital part in your company. However, it changes constantly, making it difficult for you to keep up given your other obligations. This causes your venture to miss out on the advanced technologies and solutions that help you stay relevant, competitive, and profitable.

You can consider hiring an in-house team to handle your IT needs. However, this requires paying salaries or wages and other employment benefits. Also, you must find means to ensure your team advances their knowledge so they’re up to date with the latest technologies. Besides that, you must put in the effort to retain your team. 

Today, many businesses may prefer hiring managed service providers (MSPs) rather than in-house workers to handle their IT needs. These are third-party companies you can outsource your IT services. As you’ll learn from this article, MSPs add immense value to enterprises. However, you have to work with the best ones in the industry. 

So, look for an affordable, experienced, and reputable company with a good track record. You can consider professionals from or find local MSPs. Alternatively, ask trusted friends to recommend a suitable firm. 

As mentioned, an MSP can add significant value to your business. Below are ways they can help your venture grow:

  1. They Help Increase Productivity

Depending on your needs, you can hire different types of MSPs. For instance, you may want managed security, cloud, end-user, or technology support services. Regardless of the type of MSP you choose, you’ll enjoy the benefit of increased productivity in your company. 

To start with, MSPs keep up with technological advancements. Also, they encounter different challenges in their daily dealings with other clients. Therefore, they’ll implement better solutions and introduce improved systems and processes which enhance efficiency. This way, output in your business will increase.

Besides that, most MSPs use a proactive approach to work that help you reduce interruptions in your company. Usually, IT downtime is mostly caused by human error, security issues, and hardware, software, and network failure. These can halt processes in your business, meaning your team will be unproductive till a solution is implemented. 

However, a proactive MSP will ensure constant monitoring of your network, hardware, and software. This way, they can easily identify and fix issues before they become problematic. As a result, you’ll maintain high productivity at all times.

With increased output in your company, it’s possible to grow. You’ll gain a competitive advantage in your industry. Also, you’ll generate more income, so you have the means to expand or introduce other products and services. Additionally, you’ll provide better salaries to your employees. This way, they’ll be more fulfilled working in your company and less likely to leave.

  1. They’ll Reduce Your Business Costs

High business operating costs hinder growth because they use up most of your revenue, reducing your profits. If this is the case in your enterprise, you should find ways to lower these expenses. However, you must produce goods and offer services that satisfy your clients’ needs while at it. 

You can achieve the above with an MSP. Hiring, training, paying salaries, and providing employee benefits to an in-house team can be expensive. With an MSP, you’ll only pay a monthly or annual subscription fee for the services rendered. Under the same charge, you’ll get access to highly qualified IT experts who may be costly to hire and retain. 

Additionally, MSPs offer hardware, software, and network maintenance and repairs, under the agreed subscription amount. This reduces the cost of hiring break and fix technicians whenever needed. An MSP may also provide improved hardware and software at a discount.

A managed service provider will help you reduce operation costs by doing all the above. This way, you can use your revenue to grow your business.

  1. They Enhance Scalability

As your business grows, your needs will increase. You may want to hire more in-office and remote employees, upgrade your hardware, software, and network, and do more. You need an excellent partner to enable and enhance scalability in this case. 

An MSP can handle rapid changes in your business. They’ll upgrade your systems to more efficient ones, offer guidance on the best processes to adapt, and provide the necessary support. Generally, they’ll allow your company the freedom and flexibility to reach new heights. 

Final Thoughts 

Today many businesses may prefer outsourcing some of their functions to managed service providers. This has enabled significant growth of their ventures because MSPs help increase productivity, reduce business costs, and enhance scalability. 

If you’d like to enjoy these benefits, consider an MSP for some of your company’s functions. You may want managed end-user, security, communication, cloud, technology support, or wireless and mobile computing services. First, assess your needs to determine the best type of MSP suitable for your business. After that, find an affordable, reputable, well-experienced MSP to work with.