The Main Tech Trends Of 2021

The Main Tech Trends Of 2021

2021 has been a year quite unlike any other. The world is attempting to return to some kind of normality, with the pandemic still a major issue, which has created huge challenges for businesses but also new opportunities. Tech has been crucial in this unique time, and it is hard to imagine how the world would have managed during COVID-19 if it had happened 10 years ago. So, what have been the major tech trends in 2021? There are a number of trends that have emerged this year and played a key role in helping people and businesses to retain some kind of normality. 

Video Conferencing

Remote work continues to be a major trend right now, and many businesses plan on continuing with this at least on a part-time basis. Remote work can benefit all provided that the right tools are available, and video conferencing has been critical to this. Videoconferencing can help organisations to overcome the communication and collaboration challenges of remote work as well as host virtual events and connect with clients.

Remote Work Tools

In addition to videoconferencing, there are all kinds of remote work tools that organisations can use to maximise remote work performance and overcome the challenges. Screen sharing software, group chat platforms, remote project management software, and cloud computing are just a few examples of these remote tools that can be useful for remote workers.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology was on the rise prior to COVID-19 but has since become a major trend. This is because virtual reality enables people to safely share a space despite being apart, which means that it can be used in all kinds of innovative and exciting ways. This technology can be used to showcase designs, for training and simulations, education, marketing, real estate, and many more uses.


Cybercrime has emerged as an even bigger threat during the pandemic, with so many people now working remotely. Cybercrime can be devastating for businesses and individuals, which is why cybersecurity has been such an important trend this year and helps to protect organizations and individuals against the latest threats. In addition to antivirus software, VPNs, and other cybersecurity products, training has been hugely important for businesses as most breaches are successful as a result of human error, social engineering, or negligence.

Edge Computing

Cloud computing has been a major trend for a while and is certainly helpful for businesses in 2021, but many are realising the shortcomings of cloud computing when it comes to response time and bandwidth. Edge computing is now the new trend as computing that is done at or near the source of data, which allows time-sensitive data to be processed in remote locations with limited or no connectivity. In a time where data plays such a key role for organizations and can help to identify problems, predict performance, and improve strategic decision making, it is critical that businesses are able to process and use this data as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Digital Adoption Platforms

Businesses are also having to implement new types of software and technology at all times. While this software and tech can be useful and help organisations to improve in many different ways, you will also find that staff often struggle to get to grips with new software and tech, which can hold the operation back. Digital adoption platforms can help staff to learn to use new software and tech so that they can get the most out of these systems, avoid teething issues, and hit the ground running. There are many different types of digital adoption platforms to discover, and you can find out more about these in this table.

Process Automation

Automation has been around for a long time, but it is finally starting to be adopted at scale by organisations in many different industries. There have previously been concerns that automation can lead to job losses and this will certainly happen moving forward, but most are discovering that automation and employees can co-exist peacefully, and staff can actually benefit greatly from process automation. By having simple tasks automated, it can free up time and energy for them to focus on other important aspects of their role.


Following on from this, AI has come on leaps and bounds in recent times and can now be used in all kinds of valuable, innovative, and exciting ways. Businesses can use AI to automate tasks, forecast sales, improve customer service, optimise logistics, improve business efficiency, and turn data into actionable insights, amongst many other uses. AI will only play a bigger role in the coming years, so now is a good time to familiarise yourself with this tech and ensure that you are using it in the best possible ways for your organisation.

Mobile App Development

In 2021, if your business does not have a mobile app, then you are beyond the times. Businesses have realized the importance of having a mobile app and how it can allow you to reach and engage your target customer throughout the day, no matter where they are. People are glued to their phones in 2021, and businesses need to have presence on these devices in order to stick in the mind of the consumer and be accessible 24/7.


Finally, businesses are making a concerted effort to reduce their environmental impact in a time where change is needed. People have become a lot more eco-aware as a result of the images of climate events happening around the world, and businesses are having to take action to reduce their impact and improve their reputation. There are lots of ways that tech can help with this, including solar power, electric vehicles, energy-efficient equipment, and remote work.

These are the main tech trends that have emerged in 2021. The world is going through a period of change right now, and tech has been critical to allowing life to return to some kind of normality while the pandemic continues to be an issue.