Machine Monitoring System - Look at How to Set It Up for Success!

Machine Monitoring System - Look at How to Set It Up for Success!

In the manufacturing landscape, machine monitoring helps in many ways. This cutting-edge technology assembles real-time insights and data metrics, including which machines are continuously in production, reasons behind downtime, efficient parts vs. scrap parts, overall equipment efficiency (aka OEE), and much more…

It’s time to look at how you can set up a machine monitoring system to enhance your business productivity and make the most out of your business operations.

1. Define Your Business Objectives & Success Parameters

When it comes to choosing a machine monitoring system, the very first thing you need to look out for is how you can define your business objectives and success parameters. Machine Monitoring Suite of Software will help accomplish different tasks more easily.

That’s why you must take some time to get an idea about your manufacturing business’s budgets, resources, and needs. Do it before to evaluate how you can reap the benefits of investing in the machine monitoring system.

2. Invest in Premium Product Champion

From day one, be sure to invest in and establish the right procedures if you want to win the workforce and boost their work productivity. Your new machine monitoring system will serve as a high-level champion. To be more influential, the manufacturing project head must take part in the pursuit of implementing meetups and stay updated with the system.

Findings during effective machine monitoring can make your workforce more informed about operations, keep reviewing the ongoing data, and push the workforce toward success.

3. Focus on Trial Running to Get Favorable Outcomes

Now, you will have to provide ease to your workforce during the entire implementation process. Once you run a trial, you can initiate small on multiple machines to maximize productivity. Following that, you can take the entire process to your routine production floor processes. As you continue going, you will incorporate more machinery.

As a result, your team won’t rush or can be better aware of how to be more confident to work on. This will minimize errors and stress and also prevent major, plant-wide changes from being made all at once.

4. Launch the System for Your Manufacturing Project

After running your trial, be ready for the full-scale launch of your manufacturing machine monitoring system. Perhaps the overall machine monitoring system is simple; it requires time and attention to see different aspects – its implementation, equipment installation, and training programs.

You must identify a manufacturing project owner who can manage the implementation and also assist in launching it. In most scenarios, regular improvement managers, project managers, and process engineers all contribute significantly to making great project owners.

5. Get Insights and Update the Company’s KPIs Accordingly

Like the majority of manufacturing processes, with a mindset of making improvements side by side, you need to take advantage of machine monitoring. Your supervisors and production heads have to lead people who work on your everyday operations. This way, they can stay on top of the system data and include it in the company’s KPIs.

When we talk about measuring metrics such as production hours and machine uptime, it enables the entire workforce to streamline its performance as per the company’s goals. If they fail to integrate this data into the process, your machine monitoring system will never be completely adopted.

6. Scale Up Monitoring System to Grow Your Business

Having a machine monitoring system in place can help grow and scale your manufacturing business. The system’s scaling includes cutting back on unrequired expenses and streamlining the process can replicate and develop them as necessary.

Effective machine monitoring can assist you in discovering where improvements can be made and lets you know how to overcome those issues with actionable data. In other words, your business will start scaling up as a whole.