Infovista partners with VMware to bring Automated Assurance and Operations to multi-cloud environments

Infovista partners with VMware to bring Automated Assurance and Operations to multi-cloud environments

Oct 20, 2022
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Paris, France – October 20th, 2022 – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), today announced that it is partnering with VMware to enable deployment of its Ativa™ Automated Assurance and Operations suite on the VMware Tanzu platform. This enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to accelerate their digital transformation by deploying Ativa seamlessly across any combination of multi-cloud environments.

Officially validated as Partner Ready for VMWare Tanzu and listed on the VMWare Marketplace, Infovista has tested and verified the interoperability of Ativa with VMware Tanzu Kubernetes Grid and can fully manage customer support requests for Ativa and its solution deployments.

Designed to address the complexity of modern network and service operations, Ativa replaces siloed, fragmented, domain-oriented OSS and assurance systems that focus on multiple disparate domains such as subscriber, service, network, or infrastructure with a single cloud-native suite of automated operations and assurance applications.

CSPs use Infovista Ativa for a wide range of use cases, with its pre-configured use-case based solutions spanning monitoring and troubleshooting for mobile, 5G standalone, IoT, fixed and enterprise connectivity services; customer and device analytics; and the 360° assurance family of solutions that enable horizontally and vertically correlated, real-time, automated service assurance.

"The 'cloud' doesn't automatically equate to agility, flexibility and scalability; it's about having the right systems in place – which are cloud-native by design – to enable you to unlock the power of whatever cloud architecture you have to drive your own digital transformation," said Yann Le Helloco, Chief Technology Officer, Infovista. "This requires the ability to combine previously siloed data with powerful automation to create a single source of truth that gives you 360° visibility, interoperability and predictive automation in a multi-cloud environment. By validating Infovista Ativa for VMware Tanzu, we are ensuring that enterprises and operators can realize the full benefits of their cloudified network."

Deployable on private, public and hybrid clouds, virtualized datacenters and bare metal, Infovista Ativa is powered by the network lifecycle automation (NLA) Cloud Platform, which provides the building blocks for Infovista's NLA solutions. These automate processes and tasks that span traditionally siloed systems, not only within operations but across every phase of the network lifecycle. Ativa lays the foundations for CSPs and enterprises to cost-effectively and seamlessly expand to NLA solutions that extend beyond operations, such as Smart CAPEX for ROI-optimized planning decision-making enriched by live operational intelligence.

Infovista Ativa is underpinned by an open, cloud-native platform utilizing industry standard Open APIs and software development kits (SDKs) that allow customers and partners to extend the available catalog of pre-configured Infovista solutions and build their own applications and use cases.

The Infovista Ativa suite of applications can be deployed independently or in combination, and include:

  • Ativa Net for cross-domain visibility of network resources and infrastructure performance. It correlates network services, VNFs and infrastructure for rapid troubleshooting
  • Ativa App for cross-domain visibility of subscriber-facing and resource-facing services. It proactively monitors and troubleshoots QoS and enterprise SLAs across wireless and wireline
  • Ativa Experience for cross-domain visibility of perceived subscriber experience, including deep packet analysis
  • Ativa Automated Ops for automated AI/ML-driven predictive analytics; network and service orchestrator interoperability; zero-touch resource configuration; NOC/SOC workflow automation; and active testing and validation

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