Infovista enables accurate Open RAN network planning with launch of Planet 7.7

Infovista enables accurate Open RAN network planning with launch of Planet 7.7

Jul 21, 2022
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Paris, France – July 21st, 2022 – Infovista, the global leader in network lifecycle automation (NLA), today announced support for Open RAN planning with the launch of version 7.7 of Planet, its AI-powered RF planning solution. Operators looking to deploy O-RAN in greenfield or as a replacement to existing network infrastructure can now accurately model their network deployment to identify the optimal topology. Planet 7.7 also introduces the ability for operators to model end-to-end latency throughout the network. By modeling latency from the core to user equipment for both traditional and O-RAN architectures, operators can understand the latency subscribers will experience, an important first step towards 5G slicing, guaranteeing service-specific SLAs, and the provision of Ultra Reliable Low Latency Communication (URLLC) services.

The launch of version 7.7 brings Planet's highly accurate AI-powered RF modeling to O-RAN. As seen recently, improving modeling precision in RAN planning and design optimization can drive significant CAPEX savings for mobile operators by either increasing RAN capacity or deferring investment in additional spectrum and radio equipment. An independent report by analyst firm Mobile Experts, Accurate RAN Planning Saves Billions, published in July 2022 calculated that a nationwide U.S. mobile network could save approximately $2 billion over a 10-year period through a reduction in the number of base stations and smalls cells deployed.

Infovista's Smart CAPEX solution also receives improvements as a result of enhancements made to the Planet Automated Cell Planning (ACP) module that underpins it in the Planet 7.7 release. Smart CAPEX now allows operators more flexibility in specifying time-to-market and total cost of ownership parameters for backhaul fiber and candidate site locations. These improvements ensure Smart CAPEX provides operators with an optimal network expansion solution by leveraging the finest granularity of time and cost data available.

Finally, Planet 7.7 includes upgrades to support the latest network equipment vendor software versions in its Call Analytics Module. Planet is the only planning solution to offer network troubleshooting capabilities based on geolocated call traces. The Call Analytics Module within Planet allows operators to quickly assess a subscriber's experience, locate common network problems and pre-emptively resolve RF issues using embedded vendor call trace processing and geolocation intelligence.

Regis Lerbour, VP Product & R&D, RAN Engineering, Infovista said: "Planning and deploying a 3G or 4G network was relatively straight-forward compared to the complexity of 5G and operators need architectural flexibility so they can make the most of their existing and new RAN investments. Whether it is a greenfield Open RAN deployment, or mixed network with O-RAN and traditional RAN working together to deliver nationwide coverage, operators need to have confidence that their network will deliver the optimal return on investment. Planet's AI-powered, data-driven approach enables accurate automated modeling and optimization of operators' 3G, 4G and 5G networks. Planet 7.7 brings some important capabilities to our customers around the world and we will continue to make sure that we are delivering the innovation they need to drive their business today and into the future."

Infovista and Rakuten will jointly present at an upcoming webinar hosted by Mobile World Live "How can data-driven RAN planning reduce the time and cost of 5G network deployment", on 27 July 2022. Registration for this webinar is open here:

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