How to Write an Essay: 12 Apps to Use to Be Become a Better Writer

How to Write an Essay: 12 Apps to Use to Be Become a Better Writer

Mar 21, 2023
3 minutes

Many students hate working on essays, finding this process super monotonous. Some get bored doing research, some struggle with writer's block, or are inattentive while editing and proofreading. But in fact, all these problems can be solved with one tool - and these are useful apps. 

They have a cool design, user-friendly interface and really help students create new masterpieces. All you need to do is select the desired program, turn on background music for inspiration and make a cup of tea. 

Below, we’ve collected the top 12 apps to improve your writing experience. But before we get started, let’s admit that in some situations, the best helpers are not apps, but real people. And it's great if they have relevant experience and skills that are vital for completing your tasks. Are you unable to hand in your homework on time due to a specific reason? Just outsource it to pay someone to write my essay and forget about all the stress. We assure you that thanks to the authors, all your grades will be brilliant, just as your college reputation.

  1. Bear

It seems that Bear replaced Evernote quite quickly. Some users wanted to try something fresh, that’s why they switched to the Bear app. It's perfect for taking notes or jotting down ideas for essays. Plus, it syncs with Mac and iOS, of course.

  1. Scrivo Pro Scrivener Compat.

This program is perfect for young writers. If you are working on a literary analysis essay, you are probably confused by all the twists and turns of the plot, the names of characters and the titles. Scrivener 2 is a tool for storing and structuring ideas. There are versions for Windows and Mac.

  1. Day One

It’s crucial for learners to save their ideas whenever they come up. And the Day One app simply saves the day - you can use it on your smartphone and later view the notes on a computer. Plus, you can use it for daily activities, be it saving a list of wheelchair accessible colleges list, or writing down a guide on engaging TV shows.

  1. Ulysses

A great application for writers and editors with a clear interface, convenient organization of notes and everything you need for thoughtful work with text. Its key features are setting goals for the daily number of words to write, tags, and detailed statistics concerning your texts.

  1. Hemingway

Ernest Hemingway wrote simply and clearly even about complex things. The platform with the same name helps to simplify your text and make it more readable. It identifies problem areas, overloaded sentences and weird structures, offering what to improve. As a result, your text is super easy to perceive and free from senseless parts.

  1. Mind Mapping

Mind mapping is a unique approach to capturing your ideas. This skill is especially useful for students who have to work with large amounts of information and texts that are complex in structure. You can make maps, indicating the relationship between characters and passages of text right in the browser. The MindMeister was created to let you understand and see more. Thus, once you analyze the book’s plot and study the necessary sources, it will be much easier for you to write a great work on them. 

  1. Bookmate

A good writer is always a good reader. On Bookmate, you will find thousands of different books. Then, libraries and bookmarks will be synchronized between your devices. You need to read more to be a better author, right?

  1. Evernote

Are you afraid to work with big texts? Well, download Evernote as this application has rich functionality and can truly save you from unnecessary stress.

Here are its main features:

  • A clear structure of all notes, which are divided into notebooks;
  • User-friendly search;
  • Ability to attach files to a note.

Attach any files to a document, search for information and create new works - all this is available to you in Evernote. It is unlikely that you will find better structuring somewhere, so if your essay is rather long, be sure to give Evernote a try.

  1. iA Writer 

iA Writer will definitely not distract you with unnecessary tools. Writing an essay is a creative process and students often don’t need extra functions, as they are often distracting. iA Writer certainly knows what’s best for you. Nothing more - just you and the text.

Here, you will use a word and letters counter and various tools for the table of contents. There is also a Focus Mode. That’s a cool way to concentrate on a single paragraph or sentence without being distracted by the rest of the text.

And so that your creation isn’t lost anywhere, iA Writer allows you to upload everything to Dropbox or Google Drive.

  1. Speechnotes 

Many of us face the problem of converting speech to text. It happens that you walk down the street or are on public transport, and there is absolutely no time to write cool ideas down. As a result, we record them, and then rewrite everything manually.

Speechnotes works through Google servers, so it can handle a text of any complexity. 

  1. Wattpad

Wattpad is a community of writers around the world. In fact, it’s a social network where everyone can get constructive feedback on their works. 

You can really meet a large number of like-minded people and improve your skills greatly.

And to find inspiration, check out books and stories for every taste. Everyone will find something for themselves there. 

  1. Forest

How not to be distracted by the phone? How to allocate time properly? 

If you are constantly distracted by notifications from social networks and FOMO (fear of missing out), then the Forest application will save you. Every time you need to focus on something important, set a timer from 30 to 120 minutes, during which the program will grow a tree. And once you get distracted, the plant dies.

Isn’t it a great motivation to avoid laziness?

To Wrap It Up

Above, we have collected 12 applications that meet the basic needs of students. We often suffer from procrastination and burnout, don’t manage to write down an idea on time, or get confused in our thoughts. Some lack organization and inspiration, but fortunately, you will definitely find them by downloading useful tools.