How Runbook Automation can Simplify CloudOps Use

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How Runbook Automation can Simplify CloudOps Use

Organizations in every industry continue their transition to cloud services, and while this may be a step forward in general, it does bring with it its own unique set of challenges. Cloud use, and in particular CloudOps, relies on a complex and intricate infrastructure which is difficult to manage and maintain, and it’s a critical part of keeping a business’ networks functioning. This makes finding a way to simplify the use of CloudOps a top priority for many businesses, but does a solution exist?

What is CloudOps?

CloudOps, or cloud operations, refer to the practice in which IT services are managed through the cloud. This requires businesses to continue to evolve their processes and develop their methods in order to take full advantage of the flexibility and efficiency that working through the cloud allows them. It also means that keeping the cloud running as it should is crucial

The Challenge and Solutions

Managing the complex web of infrastructure which makes up cloud operations is extremely difficult. Keeping track of each thread and maintaining all the cloud-based data and applications can be challenging. Maintaining CloudOps requires consistent monitoring and being prepared to implement complex steps in an exact sequence, as well as constantly upgrading and maintaining the general framework. Engineers have turned to runbooks as a solution for reducing the risk of downtime and minimizing losses on the occasions when they do occur.

Runbooks contain step by step instructions on how to deal with the issues which arise most commonly. Runbooks save engineers from the hassle and time-wasting process of coming up with a solution over and over again when a problem crops up more than once, while also eliminating the reliance on any particular engineer for their specific know-how. Runbooks enable faster resolution of issues, limiting the loss that typically results from downtime or disruptions.

Having IT teams work on finding solutions for recurring issues repeatedly can waste a company’s time, money, and resources, but maintaining and continually updating a runbook is also a large endeavor, and there are many tools that help make the process faster and more efficient. While creating a runbook, it’s important to understand what actions don’t necessarily require human intervention, and can be done automatically by a system – that’s where runbook automation comes in.

Runbook Automation and CloudOps

Runbook automation (RBA) enables automation of predefined procedures based on issues that typically reoccur. RBA allows you to create consistency and simplify the automation of complex operational and remediation procedures, and can be combined with non-automated processes for hybrid human-machine resolutions that ensure minimal error and fast response times. takes runbook management and automation to the next level, enabling advanced manual or fully-automated remediation in one interface. Click here to find out more..

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