How Do You Choose The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Software?

How Do You Choose The Best Crypto Portfolio Tracking Software?

The ever-growing crypto market attracts the attention of traders and investors to invest in cryptocurrencies. People who have invested in cryptos must access particular tools and software. Among them, crypto trading tax software always comes at the top as it helps file the crypto tax easily and effectively.

A Crypto portfolio tracker is another essential tool to get the best out of crypto investments. Whether you are an advanced or intermediate crypto trader, you will store funds across several blockchains and access several wallets for various reasons. All these aspects make tracking the crypto net worth difficult. 

To build a robust, diverse portfolio you should explore crypto portfolio management if you want consistent returns and to minimizes your losses. This is where the necessity of the crypto portfolio tracker comes in. It assists you in gauging your crypto gains in real-time across multiple wallets and networks. 

Portfolio trackers have become essential for both professional and casual crypto investors. It helps them monitor the price changes throughout the day and track the investments effectively.

Crypto portfolio tracker – what is it?

The crypto portfolio tracker is an app or website allowing you to manage investments and track how the coins’ value change. Trackers usually link with the exchanges and wallets. Thus, it acts as a one-stop shop for everything you want to know about how your crypto portfolio changes in value.

This app is handy for large-scale traders who actively trade more than three coins. It helps crypto investors in several ways. Based on the tracker you choose, you will enjoy various benefits. For instance, a standard tracker will help you to import and hold cryptocurrencies. 

What to consider to find the crypto portfolio tracker

When you plan to invest in cryptocurrency, using the right crypto portfolio tracker is necessary. Different crypto portfolio trackers with different sets of features are available in the market. 

You must choose the right one according to your needs and trading activities. Here are the aspects to look up when choosing the crypto portfolio tracker.

  • Security and safety

The decentralized nature of the blockchain makes cryptocurrencies challenging to trace and track. So, using the right tracker that has a greater emphasis on security is essential.

 The reliable crypto portfolio tracker links with your bank account or exchange, and thus protecting your coins and money becomes easier. It is the major reason to check the security features such as multi-layer encryption and 2-FA in the tracker.

  • Availability of a wide range of coins and exchanges

Next, you should ensure that the portfolio tracker you select has connectivity to different coins and exchanges. Simply put, it should be the one-stop shop for all your coins. Sign up at the right tracker will help you to trade all the coins you want without the need to work with multiple exchanges.

Besides, you must check whether the tracker has a clear and clean layout. It helps you to view your crypto assets and see how the portfolio value changes. As long as the tracker is easy to operate and understand, you will save stress, time and money. 


Upon looking into the above mentioned aspects, you will find the best software and make crypto portfolio tracking much easier than ever before. It gives you enough control over your crypto investment and attracts all the benefits.