How to Create Stunning Travel Videos with an Explainer Video Maker

How to Create Stunning Travel Videos with an Explainer Video Maker

There is nothing people like more than watching travel videos. They not only help you describe your travels but also invite more people to hear about your experiences and ideas. For example, if you are a travel blogger, vlogger or just a traveler who likes to share with the audience stories and effective videos, you should know how to make stunning travel videos. In this guide, you will learn how to make great traveling videos with the help of an explainer video maker.

Choosing the Right Explainer Video Maker

Choosing the right explainer video maker is important for creating beautiful travel videos. Consider factors such as simplicity, number of templates, and quality of the editing tools. Make sure that the platform being used supports an easy combination of texts, graphics and music. Take into account your experience level and special requirements, including the possibility to record voiceovers and use extra effects. A good video maker should complement the videos and make the process of creating videos easier so that even a newbie can do it.

Planning Your Travel Video

Once you have decided on your video maker, the next thing is to plan your travel video. This entails having the vision and script of the video you intend to produce. Start by outlining the key elements you want to include: It is usually carried out in an introduction, main attractions, highlights of the trip and conclusion. Scheduling ensures that the events in the video are properly connected so that there is flow and consistency.

When recording videos and taking photos, try to capture both wide and close shots and shots from different angles. Document the feelings you get in the places you travel to, the things you do and the people you interact with. This variation will enhance the appeal of your video and keep your viewers interested.

Creating the Video: Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Importing Media

Start by uploading your travel footage and photos to the video maker. Most explainer video makers, including the AI video editor app you might be using, make this process straightforward. You can usually drag and drop files directly into the editor.

Step 2: Editing Basics

First, you need to sort and organize your clips into a coherent travel narrative to build your video. Eliminate any fluff from your story or potential essay and stick to the important parts – your trip. There should be smooth transitions where you join between two different clips. Most video makers provide different transition options – try to use the ones that will fit the overall mood of your video.

Step 3: Incorporating Text and Graphics

Addingtext and graphics on a video can help the viewers understand more about the message, and draw attention to certain details. Add titles, captions, and text overlays before visiting new locations, while explaining the specific activity or fun facts. Graphics and icons can be used to label certain points on a map, to indicate scales and distances as well as to enhance the look of the map.

Step 4: Enhancing with Music and Voiceovers

A good travel video cannot be complete without good music that sets the right mood for the video. Ensure that the background music that you select is appropriate to the mood of the footage. Most of the video makers provide some stock of royalty-free music sets into their apparatus. Moreover, you can record your voice for commentaries to give the audience a more subjective and engaging look at your adventures.

Advanced Editing Techniques

However, if you would like to make your travel video look more professional, here are some great post production tips. Enhance the sharpness and contrast of the video to make it look more professional. Try to use animations and motion graphic designs to give life to it. Pinwheel and picture-in-picture looks can enhance creativity and allow the viewer to see different parts of the trip at the same time.

Reviewing and Refining Your Video

Once you are done with filming, trim your shots then check the flow of the video and if there are any mistakes. View it for a few times and focus on how the continuity is made, the use of time, and the story telling aspect. Ask friends or other travelers so you can get as much input as possible. This will ensure that you make any fine tuning before you finalise the video.

Exporting and Sharing Your Travel Video

Lastly, when you are content with your video, it is time to export it or save it in your preferred format. Select the best quality to make your video sharp as well as compatible with all gadgets available on the market. After exporting, upload the created video on social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and the travel blog. Share the video on your social media, mailing list, and with friends and other travelers to expose your channel to a larger audience.


Shooting wonderful travel videos with an explainer video maker is a fulfilling process that gives you an opportunity to show others the most exciting moments of your life. If you select the suitable video maker, decide on your content, and apply the fundamental and sophisticated editing methods, you will be able to create the videos that will engage and motivate the viewers.

Always bear in mind that the best travel video need not necessarily be the one with the best camera work but the one that tells a compelling story and captures the spirit of the viewers. Therefore, get in touch with your creative side, try out different things and of course, enjoy the process of capturing your journeys.