How to Capture Humour in Photos

How to Capture Humour in Photos

If you think it's easy to take a funny photo, you're wrong. It seems like all you have to do is make a funny face and you're already getting a lot of likes on social networks. However, this is not true, because people have different senses of humor. In today's article, we decided to tell you a few tricks that work for funny photos. And if you want to not just take a funny photo, but also edit it, see the list of the best photo editors for PC on Skylum's blog.

Observe your surroundings carefully

Have you ever seen a funny vegetable that looks like it has a face on it? Or maybe funny animals? Finding a funny picture is difficult, so you have to be careful. This is especially true of animals. One second they may be sitting quietly, and the next they'll be running wherever they want to go. You have to watch them so you don't miss the chance to take a cool picture

Set up your camera properly

Imagine you've found the perfect spot and picked the perfect time to shoot a funny moment. Incorrect camera settings can ruin everything. Don't you want that to happen? Then prepare ahead of time:

  • Use fast shutter speeds to take clear photos of unexpected moments.
  • If there is not enough light, use a high ISO.
  • Make sure your lens is fast enough so you don't get blurry photos.

Be sure to take a couple of test photos to make sure everything is okay.

Use props

You can use props to make the faces of people or animals funny. Funny pictures printed on paper are sure to add originality to your photos. Plus, they're affordable, so they're great for photographers with limited budgets. Remember that children love fun the most. You can give them props and take lots of funny pictures.

Use metaphors

Are you familiar with the expression "crocodile tears"? We're sure you do! You can use it as well as many other proverbs literally to make ironic photos! For example, you can take a plush toy in the shape of a crocodile and put big drops of water on it. Or, for example, you can put a cat in a small basket. Did you guess the expression "fish out of the water"?

Underline the differences between several objects

Differences in size, weight, or age are a few options you can use to create such compositions. The beauty of this method is that it does not require long preparation, and familiar things from our surroundings can act as objects. Moreover, this variant is suitable not only for making funny pictures but also for serious thoughtful photos.

Play with contrasts

The essence of this trick is to make your model's facial expression or appearance completely different from what it should be. The most striking example is the famous meme with the room on fire and the man, who at the same time is quietly drinking tea.

Also in this technique photographers often play with the characters we are familiar with. Everyone knows that Voldemort is a powerful and evil wizard, right? What would he look like as the good grandfather of the Weasley family, for example? Or surrounded by little furry cats?

Use the power of compositions

If you like planning, this method will definitely work for you. For example, if you see a tall white building, buy an empty ice cream cone and photograph your model in front of it. You will be pleasantly surprised by the result. You can also experiment with people. The most striking example is a man or woman with a child's head. All you need to do here is to get the composition right.

Respect your viewer

Remember that everyone's sense of humor is different. What may be funny to one person will offend another. Your goal is to take a funny photo, not to upset other people. Research the political and religious views of your audience so you don't hurt anyone's feelings. The best way to find out if you're doing it right is to put yourself in the shoes of the person in your photo. If so, delete it immediately. It doesn't matter how good the idea was, all that matters is the result and how other people feel.

Use visual tricks

If there are stuntmen among your acquaintances, they will be perfect models. If not, don't feel bad. There are many online editors on the internet that can be used to make a person look like a cat's ears, or make them float above the ground. You can use modern photo editors to make your photos more colorful. You can find a list of the best photo editors on Skylum's blog!


Now you know how to take funny photos. Try making them yourself and don't get upset if something doesn't work. Sometimes even a bad shot can be the best funny photo ever!