How Can I Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing

How Can I Track My Son's iPhone without Him Knowing

Keeping track of what the kids are doing online might be challenging as they tend to stick to their phones every possible time. But, for parents who are dying to know about “how to track my child's iPhone without them knowing”, there are some possible methods they can do, which we will explain below.

Seeing how dangerous the internet can be, parents can take proactive actions by monitoring their kid’s phones remotely. And the most effective way to do it is by using the spy apps. What are the spy apps and how effective do they work?

Tracking your kid’s iPhone with mSpy

So, how to track kids iPhone? The ultimate solution here is to use what we call spy apps. As the name tells you, these apps are specifically designed and developed for monitoring purposes, whether you want to use them on your spouse, children, or parents.

Amongst the hundreds or thousands of spy app choices, we’d like to recommend mSpy, an effective spy app that can tap a cell phone remotely and deliver great usability through its features. There are some useful ones that you can get by using mSpy, including:

  • Location tracking using GPS that includes address, time, and coordinates
  • A geofencing feature that will alert parents when the children enter or leave the set zones
  • Ability to work in secret
  • Support iPhone even without jailbreak.

Tracking Your Child’s Phone for Free

For those who want to know how to track child's iPhone for free, there are some alternatives that you could use. Today, we’d like to explain you to the default function offered by both Android and iPhone systems.

Google Find My Device

To track kids iPhone, you may want to look for the below alternative as this one is specifically for Android. Google Find My Device is a feature that lets users see the locations of each other. This feature is actually on by default by the time you activate a Google account.

Find My Device is especially useful when someone just lost their Android phone as it can help them to get it back, erase the data on it, and lock the phone from external access.

In order to activate this feature, you can go straight to your device’s Settings, select Security or Security & Location, and then find the Find My Device. There you should find an option to turn it off or turn it back on with the slider.

However, although this method might be useful in certain locations, the parents still have to get their hands on their kid’s devices, which is kind of risky.

Find My iPhone

“Now, how to track my daughter's iPhone location?”, this is another question that many parents ask when it comes to the iPhone’s safety. And yes, we also have the answer for it.

When enabled, Find My iPhone will make it possible for you to check on others’ locations that can be seen directly on the Map. For those who want to know how to access tracking my kid on iPhone, all you have to do is to open the Settings and activate the feature from there.

The thing is, you’ll still have to access the target phone in order to enter the Settings. As direct access is necessary, the risk of getting caught is always there.


And that concludes our topic today of many ways to track your childs iPhone, hopefully, you may find the method that suits you the most. Getting into the kid’s phone might be risky. Therefore, before doing anything else, it’s important for the parents to build trust by telling them about what they’re about to do and explaining the benefits.

Not many kids are aware of the danger that lurks on the internet. So, the parents will have to inform them about it as well for their safety.