How AI Is Challenging Cybersecurity Efforts

How AI Is Challenging Cybersecurity Efforts

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being used for all kinds of wonderful things, with many industries and businesses embracing the technology with open arms. AI can make short and accurate work of many complex tasks, which is seen favorably by businesses. But for all its good, AI also has a darker side which is becoming more evident with each passing day.

Cybersecurity has been a challenge and concern for industries across the country and the globe for well over a decade now, with companies doing all they can to protect their data and systems. It seems AI is here to challenge those practices and take advantage of any weaknesses found. Here’s a look at how AI is challenging today’s cybersecurity efforts.

Why Does AI Pose a Danger?

When a new technology comes along and presents all kinds of benefits and advantages, it's easy to focus on the pros. That is exactly the case with AI, with many people only seeing the good that it can bring to different industries. However, those with bad intentions are also looking into the technology and finding ways to exploit it.

What AI manages to do is automate and even improve malicious activities so that they are bigger in scope and potential damage. AI can transform a typical cyber-attack into something more evolved and complex, making it harder to spot and then fight. Targeted and advanced attacks are possible with AI, and you can imagine just how consequential the results can be.

Targeted Malware Can Be Easily Hidden

The problem with these targeted and advanced malware attacks is just how easily it can be hidden in emails, apps and games. It's not just the technology that is advancing thanks to AI, but even how malicious malware is hidden. Most people without any advanced cybersecurity training are going to miss signs and potential red flags, opening the door to an attack.

The very core of AI revolves around learning and evolving, so it also means that humans are fighting an uphill battle with machine learning that is moving at breakneck speeds.

Inspired to Help in the Fight Against AI Cybersecurity Threats?

For those inspired by the fight that is forming against AI cybersecurity threats, it’s important you go into the battle armed – and by armed it means that you have the most current knowledge, tools and cybersecurity training available. From there, you can focus on a particular pathway of cybersecurity such as incident responder, auditor, infrastructure support, analyst or manager. Each plays a vital role in the fight, whether it is against human or AI-based cybersecurity threats.

Today’s cybersecurity professional needs to be more adept and informed and be aware of the current risks and what can potentially be brewing on the horizon. This can make for a very exciting career path for those interested.

For those businesses who are hoping they will be spared and won’t need to face AI-based security threats, it’s time to face reality. AI is here to stay, so businesses need a sound plan on how to deal with the dark side of the technology, and learn how to use AI to their advantage and fight back.