Glowfox Review - Easy-to-Use Mixed Martial Arts Software

Glowfox Review - Easy-to-Use Mixed Martial Arts Software

Manage your martial arts business effectively with advanced boxing or MMA management software. Packed with features designed specifically to streamline backend processes and offer clients a positive experience, these solutions ensure smooth running of operations and guarantee customer satisfaction.

Automate class and client bookings with integrated scheduling and payment processing. Facilitate communication through bulk messaging. Promote your business using built-in marketing automation tools.


From scheduling classes and accepting payments, to processing payments - running a martial arts gym or MMA club requires many administrative tasks that eat up your time and diminish productivity. To alleviate some of this busywork and free up more of your valuable time, invest in an all-in-one management software solution.

Easy-to-Use Mixed Martial Arts Software features many useful functions to streamline daily tasks, manage memberships and promote your business online. Such tools typically include class and booking management tools as well as POS terminals with automated billing features for member tracking. Many also come equipped with mobile apps for added accessibility and convenience.

No matter the type of MMA club or trainer, there's an all-in-one or customized system available that meets their needs. One such solution is Xplor Recreation which provides no-hassle martial arts software to streamline workflows and expand their business; plus integrated email marketing automation programs to nurture leads into customers. Plus it works with various payment gateways - credit cards as well as local methods - making Xplor an attractive solution.


Martial arts gym owners who also manage clerical work often end up teaching оr training as much as doing clerical tasks such as data entry and invoicing themselves - leaving less time for working directly with students and more time оn administrative duties. There are solutions available оn the market that streamline and automate such processes sо instructors can spend more time working directly with students instead.

While Mindbody іs a popular choice, it's not the only option. For a more in-depth look at software pricing and features, check out our Glowfox software review. Glowfox offers similar functionalities tо Mindbody, including appointment scheduling, automated billing, communication tools, and member tracking – potentially at a different price point.