Does Anonymous Web Hosting Really Make You Anonymous?

Does Anonymous Web Hosting Really Make You Anonymous?

If you want to stay anonymous on the internet, there are many ways to do it. You can use a VPN with your server, conduct payment with cryptocurrency, or purchase anonymous VPS hosting.

In regards to anonymous web hosting, there are many questions associated with it such as what exactly anonymous web hosting means, how is it different from regular web hosting, and does it really helps you stay anonymous.

We answer all of these questions in this article.

What does anonymous web hosting mean exactly?

You can view anonymous hosting from different perspectives, but they all strive for one outcome, which is increasing anonymity and maintaining privacy.

Basically, anonymous web hosting involves not providing your real name or other sensitive information upon registration. It also extends to keeping payment information private by using anonymous payment channels like cryptocurrency.

Using regular hosting, which can become private to a degree for extra money, usually offers to secure your domain information, and that’s it. In most cases, a regular hosting plan implies that some personal information will be provided, including the name of the organization, its specialty, contact information, payment details, etc.

Especially when it comes to payment, there are a few ways to stay anonymous. Paying for web hosting through a bank means that your identity and personal data will be known. The only available way to avoid it is to pay for hosting with cryptocurrency.

Blockchain technology which is commonly used for issuing crypto payments uses encryption protocols on every transaction. In turn, the details surrounding made transaction are available to the public and can be viewed by anyone on the blockchain. However, no confidential user information is displayed; only the wallet addresses of the sender and receiver.

Does anonymous web hosting provide complete anonymity or not?

If you’d like to “disappear off the face of the Earth” it is hardly possible in this day and age. However, more grounded things like staying anonymous when using web hosting services are quite reachable.

The specifications for what “anonymous means” can differ from one provider to another. But in essence, anonymous web hosting can provide the following:

  • Untraceability. It is impossible to trace the website launched through an anonymous hosting back to you.
  • Domain registration confidentiality. Such confidentiality is achieved through using an anonymous proxy server, that will keep your data hidden from the public.
  • Domain privacy. Your domain name is usually kept off the DNS listings.
  • Legal protection of anonymity. Usually, anonymous hosting services are registered in places, where the law heavily supports one’s privacy. Therefore, any activity towards compromising secured information is illegal and can be met with charges alike.

In addition to the main features you get with anonymous hosting, it’s worth mentioning that often specialized hosting providers utilize more than standard security measures, like additional encryption channels, secure servers, and so on. This way not only the client’s identity is more protected, but the data transmitted through the servers of the hosting provider is more secure.

Anonymous hosting is better to start using initially to eliminate the chances of traces of you as a website owner.

When consider anonymous web hosting?

You may want or need to turn to anonymous hosting in different scenarios. Those can take place (but are not limited to) when:

  1. You search for more protection for your personal information.

To start using anonymous hosting you don’t need to be involved in something spooky, or risky; your desire to better protect your personal information is a good enough reason to go beyond what traditional web hosting offers.

  1. You need to bypass certain restrictions or limitations.

Restrictions that people who turn to anonymous hosting often face might be of governmental or regulatory origin. For example, certain topics may be taboo in some countries, thus it might be illegal to mention them. Anonymous hosting can help you bypass similar restrictions.

  1. You want more security for the processes behind your online presence.

If you want to significantly reduce the chances of security threats, or DDoS attacks, anonymous hosting is one of the simplest ways to ensure that.

  1. You need more flexibility from your hosting provider.

Some providers have limited terms of use that may pose restrictions on what content you can release online. With anonymous hosting such issues are, more often than not, eliminated due to the “umbrella” term of anonymity.