Business Consulting Software (5 Factors To Consider)

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Business Consulting Software (5 Factors To Consider)

Business consulting software is the missing piece of the puzzle for many consulting businesses that are struggling to facilitate growth. With the right tools and systems at your disposal, it’s possible to build a scalable consulting business that fires on all cylinders. Many underestimate the importance of picking the right software solutions to power a consulting business operation.

Business Consulting Software (Making A Buying Decision)

When it comes to making a buying decision, you should carefully consider picking the right business consulting software for your firm. There is no one-size-fits-all software solution for consultants. With this in mind, you should take time to explore the unique features and benefits of the many software solutions available on the market. Here are a few questions to consider:

  • Do you have ambitions to scale your consulting business?
  • Are you interested in leveraging workflow automation?
  • Will you take on complex client projects?
  • Do you need to manage a consulting team?
  • Will you need to share files with clients?

Once you begin to think about these questions, you will gain a sense of the core features you need in an effective business consulting software solution. For instance, if you are managing a consulting team, you will require consulting software that enables you to onboard multiple team members as individual users. The desired features will vary depending on your unique needs.

Fortunately, all-encompassing business consulting platforms like StartingPoint comes with every feature you could need to hit the ground running with your consulting projects. When a business consulting platform offers a broad range of features and functionalities, this can help to centralize your workflows. Let’s break each of these questions down in more detail.

Do you have ambitions to scale your consulting business?

If you have ambitions to scale your consulting business, you need access to sophisticated tools that will make this possible. In reality, not all software solutions are scalable. When it comes to selecting a consulting platform to scale your business, you should look for solutions that will enable you to onboard an unlimited number of team members and clients to the platform.

StartingPoint is well-equipped to support your growth ambitions. You can create unlimited customer accounts and projects inside our cloud-based platform. StartingPoint comes with in-built performance management tools allowing you to monitor and track the performance of your team as you begin to scale. Feeling ambitious? Our solution is a match made in heaven.

Are you interested in leveraging workflow automation?

Our developers have produced a wide range of workflow automation tools inside StartingPoint - allowing the platform to become a centralized productivity hub for all stakeholders. When you leverage these workflow automation features, you can begin to streamline your operations and increase productivity across all areas of your business. This is a major win for busy firms.

If you are interested in leveraging workflow automation, you should actively seek solutions that will enable you to bake automation into your workflows. Exploring the potential of StartingPoint’s workflow automation features is a no-brainer for consultants that want to get more done in less time. Whether you’re an established firm or just getting started, it’s time to embrace these tools.

Will you take on complex client projects?

Are you attempting to take on complex client projects with many moving pieces? You need access to a platform that is designed to organize even the most convoluted project workflows. No matter how complex your consulting projects are, StartingPoint will rise to the occasion with a full range of workflow automation features to support your project management efforts.

If you want to take on complex client projects, StartingPoint can help to simplify your workflow management processes by keeping everything under one roof. Many consultants overlook the potential benefits of running a centralized operation with minimal tools and applications. There’s nothing worse than having to navigate between multiple applications to complete basic tasks.

Do you need to manage a consulting team?

If you need to manage a consulting team, you must pick a software solution that allows you to add multiple team accounts. StartingPoint gives you the ability to add an unlimited number of team members to the platform - so everyone can focus on delivering exceptional client service in one centralized location. This ensures everyone is on the same page at all times.

You can assign projects to specific team members inside the platform and collaborate using our seamless communication channels. With the support of our service management solutions, it has never been easier for consulting teams to streamline communication between consultants and clients. If you want to elevate your client experiences, this is a must-have platform.

Will you need to share files with clients?

If you need to share files with clients, you must look for effective cloud storage solutions on the market. While there are plenty of cloud storage solutions for consultants to choose from, few are built into workflow and project management platforms. Inside StartingPoint, you can securely allow clients to upload, retain, and file documents that you can share across your team.

With unlimited cloud storage for enterprise companies and 100 MB of cloud storage for SMEs, StartingPoint can fully prepare your consultants to meet client needs. This is just one example of many features on the StartingPoint platform that are designed to support client communication. We want to give you the tools to support frictionless cross-team and client communication.

Is your consulting business ready to take StartingPoint for a test drive? SMEs can leverage our platform without charge. That’s right, StartingPoint is free for individuals and organizations in need of an end-to-end workflow and customer operations platform. This is transformative for those who are leveraging the potential of workflow automation for the very first time.

What are you waiting for? You can unlock the tremendous benefits of our workflow management solution for free. You can get the ball rolling by signing up for StartingPoint today.