8 Common Uses of VPN in 2023: How People Leverage Its Benefits

8 Common Uses of VPN in 2023: How People Leverage Its Benefits

Explores the capabilities of a virtual private network (VPN) - a versatile tool that is surprisingly user-friendly. Whether it's for individuals or businesses, VPNs offer a multitude of advantages. Users can securely navigate activities such as traveling, using public Wi-Fi, sharing sensitive information, and unlocking entertainment options on Netflix, all with the assistance of a VPN. This comprehensive guide provides valuable insights into effective VPN usage and highlights the numerous benefits it offers. It caters to personal and corporate scenarios alike.

8 Uses of VPN In 2023

#1 Protect your privacy

The primary goal of a VPN is to protect privacy and ensure the security of internet traffic against unauthorized access. This is achieved by implementing strong AES-256 encryption, which conceals data and prevents hackers from accessing sensitive information, such as financial or medical records. Additionally, a secure tunnel is established between the user's device and the intended destination, greatly enhancing the security and privacy of online activities.

#2 Avoid targeted bandwidth throttling

Internet service providers frequently impose limitations on users who consume large amounts of data, deliberately reducing their internet speeds in order to ensure consistent service for all users. However, the use of a virtual private network (VPN) can effectively encrypt online traffic, preventing ISPs from monitoring online activities. It is important to note that while the ISP can still detect the data usage volume when a VPN is employed, it can help facilitate uninterrupted online gaming experiences, thereby minimizing bandwidth disruptions.

#3 Unblock geo-restricted content

When it comes to streaming platforms or various other websites, the notion of tailoring content to different countries holds true. A prime example includes news sites such as The New York Times and BBC News, which curate distinct articles and content specific to various regions. Additionally, certain websites may restrict or block their content and services based on the user's geographic location.

Not only sites have access restrictions. This often applies to games that are not available in certain regions. If you are wondering how to unblock games then you definitely need a good VPN. It can be VeePN which easily changes your region on Steam, Origin, Epic Games, and other game launchers. Unleash the potential of a VPN today.

#4 Avoid price discrimination

Imagine a scenario where an individual disembarks from a flight and immediately heads to the nearest cafe craving a delightful cappuccino. However, upon reaching the counter, they discover that they are being charged $5 for the same beverage that a local before them paid just $4 for. Undoubtedly, this seems unjust. Interestingly, this kind of situation occurs frequently in the digital realm.

Recent research suggests that UK vacationers, in particular, are burdened with prices up to 97.5% higher for their bookings. It appears that numerous online services present varying prices for identical products based on the geographical location from which a user is browsing. Consequently, a holiday deal, for instance, can be more affordable for someone accessing the website with a German IP address compared to an individual with a Swedish IP.

#5 Stay safe while on public Wi-Fi

Free Wi-Fi may appear enticing to travelers, digital nomads, and individuals on the move; however, there is a significant lurking danger. Most public Wi-Fi networks, whether in hotels or cafes, lack security measures, making personal information easily interceptable and susceptible to theft. Additionally, cybercriminals often establish counterfeit Wi-Fi hotspots with the intention of deceiving users into disclosing sensitive details like login credentials and credit card information. With VPN on Edge you can protect yourself. In fact, a sizable portion of users, approximately four in 10, have experienced compromised personal information while utilizing public Wi-Fi. Read more about the best VPN deals on EarthWeb and find the perfect plan for you.

#6 Safely download torrents

Torrenting can pose significant risks, requiring the use of the best antivirus software for protection. Additionally, a VPN also plays a crucial role in ensuring user safety.

When engaging in torrenting activities, one's IP address becomes exposed to all individuals connected to the network, including potential hackers and malicious third parties. Furthermore, internet service providers (ISPs) may take measures to reduce connection speeds upon detecting any P2P activities.

A dedicated torrenting VPN addresses both of these concerns. By obscuring the user's actual IP address from everyone, it ensures data privacy and enhances overall security. Furthermore, the encryption of data while using a VPN adds an extra layer of protection.

#7 Protect yourself from phishing attempts

Email phishing is a prevalent cyberattack method that leverages email for deception. This type of attack involves tricking recipients into clicking malicious links, downloading harmful software, or disclosing personal information to third parties.

#8 Bypass censorship

Certain countries such as China, Russia, and Iran implement stringent Internet censorship regulations. Consequently, popular websites like Facebook, Wikipedia, and Google are inaccessible to most users. Similarly, messaging apps like Whatsapp, Viber, and Messenger are also restricted.

Individuals residing in these countries can employ a VPN as an effective solution to evade these limitations. By connecting to a server located in a more lenient country, the VPN redirects internet traffic through that server, ensuring the concealment of the user's actual IP address. This enables access to blocked websites and applications.


A VPN is a reliable online security tool for protecting user data from prying eyes and malicious actors. By encrypting all internet traffic, a VPN helps users keep their information safe as they browse the web. It also allows them to access geo-restricted content, unblock censored websites, remain anonymous while torrenting, and prevent price discrimination whilst shopping online.