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Jan 13, 2020   |  By Noam MorginstinAdmin
You probably know this situation all too (painfully) well . . . A critical incident has hit. You get the alert and the race is on! First headache up on deck – coordinating all the stakeholders. You call, you email, you text – some people are available, some are not. Some might be sleeping, or just getting up in a completely different time zone.
Nov 30, 2019   |  By Noam Morginstin
When considering the state of critical incidents in 2019 – it’s no surprise that looking ahead to 2020, CISOs have one of the organization’s most challenging and stressful jobs. During the first half of the year alone 4.1 billion records were compromised, and the average cost of a data breach is now estimated at $3.92 million.
Nov 11, 2019   |  By Noam Morginstin
Let’s face it, managing a critical incident has never been a walk in the park. Even, in the “good old days,” before the great cloud revolution and the onslaught of digital transformations, an incident often meant mayhem. Processes were manual, time consuming, difficult to execute, document, and learn from. Getting all the right people in the “same room” at the right time – was nearly impossible. Lots of time was wasted chasing down the right folks.
Sep 16, 2019   |  By Noam Morginstin
Organizations need to continually ramp up and improve their security and resilience to unexpected incidents. But as the number of endpoints, networks, and user interfaces grow exponentially, the task becomes more difficult, and manual incident response management becomes less and less effective.
Aug 29, 2019   |  By Noam Morginstin
When a critical incident strikes and hampers your business operations, it's how you handle what comes next that will make all the difference to the extent of damage and the length of downtime. Chaos in the aftermath does not need have to be the default. Your team can stay focused and cool-headed with a solid incident response (IR) plan.
Mar 15, 2015   |  By Exigence
Exigence is a crisis management system for cloud and web based service providers, for resolving critical service disruptions. Exigence is a seamless workflow system, managing event operation, customer communication, team collaboration, post event analysis and simulation of threats.