Dec 19, 2018
Tel Aviv, Israel
Dec 20, 2018   |  By Noam Morginstin
When a critical incident hits, the implications for the business could not be more profound. Whether it’s a productivity system that powers the efficiency of thousands of employees, or an online service that serves millions of customers and drives the company’s revenues - no organization can afford anything less than an immediate and effective resolution.
Apr 8, 2018   |  By Noam Morginstin
Imagine the following scenario: A critical incident hits. You have a few different teams on it throughout the company. Managers and other stakeholders need to be updated every thirty minutes. But the biggest issue is that you need to engage with external service providers. You need your communication provider and hosting service to check on their side and report back. You want a consultant in the picture and an external help desk service might be involved as well.
Dec 29, 2017   |  By Rachel Sofaer
With the ever-changing world out there, it's hard to keep up with all the crucial information we need to survive and thrive as modern day beings. As a social media manager, I never thought I would need to know about the world of hi-tech. The terms cybersecurity, downtime, IT, and critical incidents were not even in my vocabulary before I started working for a computer software company known as Exigence.
Nov 2, 2017   |  By Alexander Poizner
Planning is critical to information security. As with the military where even an ordinary patrol mission requires significant and detailed planning, security planning is key to successful operations. Ask any experienced officer if they ever seen an all-encompassing operation plan and they will tell you that they have never seen a plan that endured the first enemy contact. This is true for cyber incident response.
May 22, 2017   |  By Rachel Sofaer
Here at Exigence we aim to provide you with the best information regarding management of critical incidents, cybersecurity, and downtime. Most of the content we have focused on has shown you the advantages of having a solution for your business problems. We have given technical reasons and analysis, but I am here to bring you a new angle, a personal perspective of someone affected by these issues.
Mar 15, 2015   |  By Exigence
Exigence is a crisis management system for cloud and web based service providers, for resolving critical service disruptions. Exigence is a seamless workflow system, managing event operation, customer communication, team collaboration, post event analysis and simulation of threats.