Tel Aviv, Israel
Jun 21, 2020   |  By Noam MorginstinAdmin
As of the beginning of June, even though some countries have started to slowly come out of lockdown, one-third of the world’s population is still at home in quarantine – a fact that is truly astounding. Never has reliable access to connected systems been so critical to the ongoing productiveness, emotional wellbeing, and even the survival of individuals and companies worldwide.
May 18, 2020   |  By Noam Morginstin
In the effort to streamline operations and enhance cost efficiencies, organizations large and small are turning to managed services providers (MSPs) to outsource key IT activities. In fact, this shift is so broad reaching that the global MSP market is expected to exceed $375 billion by 2025! Indeed, outsourcing to MSPs brings many advantages.
Mar 16, 2020   |  By Noam Morginstin
As we are all adjusting to this new reality of living and working in the time of COVID-19, the coronavirus, there is so much that we need to take into consideration. Clearly, the health and safety of our family and colleagues is priority number one – and the local authorities have provided guidance on how to maximize protection.
Mar 9, 2020   |  By Noam Morginstin
With the advent of more and more connected systems and devices, organizations are facing ever greater data security challenges. Moreover, with the accelerating cloudification of apps and even whole infrastructures, security professionals are also faced with the challenge of how to protect critical assets including personal and other sensitive data as well as IP.
Jan 13, 2020   |  By Noam Morginstin
You probably know this situation all too (painfully) well . . . A critical incident has hit. You get the alert and the race is on! First headache up on deck – coordinating all the stakeholders. You call, you email, you text – some people are available, some are not. Some might be sleeping, or just getting up in a completely different time zone.
Mar 15, 2015   |  By Exigence
Exigence is a crisis management system for cloud and web based service providers, for resolving critical service disruptions. Exigence is a seamless workflow system, managing event operation, customer communication, team collaboration, post event analysis and simulation of threats.