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Technical approach to cloud cost management

Cloud cost optimization is not just about reducing costs — it’s about connecting costs to business goals. At this webinar, we took a technical approach in order to understand the relationship between a business's cloud cost and its overall growth. What we've covered? Basics principles of cost management Different ways to measure business goals- Or is $10,000 (for example) is an appropriate amount to spet. How to figure if the business goal met not met? Business advantage – or “legacy “ is not always best.

Expedited Introduction to Cloud Computing

In this webcast, we have covered the journey from physical computers to serverless technology: The evolution of cloud computing and what it could mean for your business. The difference between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS models, and how to choose which is best for your organization. Principles of serverless computing and containers technology and the distinct benefits of each.

Creating an Azure DevOps CI CD pipeline for AKS

In this hands-on webinar we will learn to set up a CI/CD pipeline to deploy your apps on a Kubernetes cluster with Azure DevOps. Our leading cloud architect Itay Malka, with almost a decade of experience, will illustrate how you can easily set up a CI/CD pipeline and accelerate your DevOps journey with containers.