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Unlocking IT Transformation: Synergizing ITIL and AIOps for Enhanced Monitoring and Observability

In the ever-evolving landscape of IT operations, staying competitive and efficient is a paramount concern for organizations. This session aims to be your compass on this transformative journey, offering strategic insights that resonate with both C-suite executives and IT team leaders. Join UnityTech CEO & Founder Jesus Cordoba for a dynamic exploration of how the ITIL framework, DevOps practices, and AIOps technologies can synergize to provide your teams and executives with unprecedented superpowers in the realm of monitoring and observability.

How to Build and Maintain a Winning Culture of Success - Steve Smith (DecisionPoint Systems)

The binding element for any company is its culture and how that culture translates into growth, profits and success for employees, customers and investors. In his thought leadership session, CEO of DescionPoint Systems Steve Smith reveals his individual formula for sales success and the expectations customers have of individual employees, as a group and as a company.

NUGGET 2021: Introducing Netreo Path Insight!

Path Insight simplifies how IT organizations deliver secure, optimal performance to all users by providing a visual, hop-by-hop analysis along critical network paths. Join Andy Markowitz, technical product manager at Netreo, as he does any early walk through of this soon-to-be-released feature for Netreo that can help your engineering and operations team deliver a great customer experience by pin pointing problems quickly and fixing those problems even faster.

NUGGET 2021: Business Transformation by Revolutionizing Your Monitoring

In this NUGGET Session, Matt Neifer, Director, Network Management Systems & Automation at Transaction Network Services (TNS) will share his firsthand experience in achieving business transformation through revolutionized monitoring practices. Matt will share examples of continuous improvement efforts in the formalization of the TNS product/service catalog, standardizing service implementation and delivery, and normalizing configuration management data structures within our CCMDB in order to automate the management of monitoring ecosystems.

Better Monitoring Netreo Case Studies | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

IT monitoring and management in today’s complex, ever-changing digital environments can be brutal. But, with the right tool for your environment and business goals, it doesn’t have to be. View this on-demand webinar to explore successful outcomes achieved by customers using the Netreo full stack IT infrastructure monitoring and management platform.

The 3 Keys to Automating IT Infrastructure Management | Netreo On-Demand Webinars

As organizations expand and change dynamically, keeping up with the speed of IT changes can be a real challenge, and getting (and keeping!) all of your IT assets under management can just make it more difficult. And every organization is being asked to manage more and more assets with limited resources and staff.