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December 2020

A Recap of the KubeCon + CloudNativeCon Observability Track

OpenTelemetry has evolved so much since the 2019 KubeCon North America in San Diego, where I live-demoed OpenTelemetry on the keynote stage and highlighted our alpha to the world. We’re excited to be entering general availability of our Collector and Tracing SDKs soon. While I missed the energy from the packed crowd of over 10,000 technologists cheering me on, it was wonderful that this year’s event was more accessible than ever to a worldwide audience.

Announcing Honeycomb support for event ingestion with OTLP

Today, AWS announced enhancements for AWS Distro for OpenTelemetry. We’re working with AWS to build in additional support from partners. In tandem with that launch, Honeycomb is announcing support for event ingestion using OpenTelemetry Protocol (OTLP). With that change, you can simplify management overhead and configuration by no longer needing to maintain a separate OpenTelemetry exporter.

Setting Business Goals with SLOs

‘Tis the season to set 2021 goals. Whether setting OKRs, KPIs, KPAs, MBOs, or any other flavor of goal-setting frameworks in an endless sea of acronym soup, chances are that you’re still dealing with a sizable disconnect between business objectives and daily engineering work. Service Level Objectives (SLOs) have boomed in popularity because they provide a common language between business stakeholders and engineers to set aligned goals.

Operations - Past, Present and Glorious Future

People with infrastructure experience and operational experience like “DevOps Engineer”, “SRE”, “Platform Engineer” have started to see those two skill sets diverge. It’s not very clear what that split means for these skilled technical people as they approach the next phase of their careers.

Mix & Match! Tracing Header Interoperability Between OpenTelemetry and Beelines

We’ve released support for tracing header interoperability in all of our Beelines. This means you can now mix and match distributed services instrumented with Beelines or with OpenTelemetry, and your traces will be preserved in Honeycomb!