July 2018


Feature Spotlight: TCP/UDP Checks

We live in an incredible global economy where workers from all over the world pitch in to complete major products, develop new technology, and change the world. Here at Uptime.com, our workforce is spread across the globe, and we know many of you reading probably have a similar setup. The benefits of hands on a website at all hours of the day are numerous, so long as connectivity remains alive and well. That’s where a TCP/UDP Check provides immeasurable value.


Amazon Prime Day Downtime Blues

For about 3 hours at the very beginning of Amazon Prime Day, Amazon’s website experienced outages on both the East and West coasts of the US. Even the world’s largest retailer isn’t prone to technical mishaps. In fact, Amazon’s server infrastructure is reasonably stable. This particular outage is a fascinating study in how Amazon’s website downtime affects a business in real time.