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January 2020

Capture the Page Source of Website Errors

When it comes to website errors and issues, seeing is believing. Like most developers, I’ve been guilty of using the line “it works on my machine” when confronted with an annoying bug that only shows up under some obscure conditions. But just because one person doesn’t see it, doesn’t mean tens or hundreds of customers aren’t experiencing it.

2019 Magecart Timeline

We break down the timeline of the number one threat to ecommerce sites today – Magecart! This timeline includes all the significant Magecart attacks in 2019. With 4,800 formjacking attacks each month alone, this timeline only represents a small proportion of attacks reported in the public domain in 2019. Detect Web-skimming, Formjacking, and Supply Chain attacks before a Data Breach occurs with Magecart detection.

Multiple Hacking Groups Attempt to Skim Credit Cards from Perricone MD

During research into Magecart attacks, I recently uncovered malicious code from two hacking groups attempting to steal credit card information on the European e-commerce websites for the science-backed skincare brand Perricone MD (affecting perriconemd.co.uk, perriconemd.it and perriconemd.de). Founded by U.S. celebrity dermatologist Nicholas Perricone, the company generated sales of $86 million in 2014 and are looking to fetch more than $200 million in a rumoured upcoming sale.