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August 2022

How to get base URL in ASP.NET Core

You typically don't and shouldn't need to know where a web app is deployed. At least not from within the code of the web app itself. I keep seeing questions related to this, though. There are a range of reasons why this can still be relevant like if you want to generate and output an absolute URL in an MVC controller or Razor page. Here's a blog post about how to get the base URL in ASP.NET Core. Let's rewind a bit before we start looking into the code. All websites are deployed somewhere.

Three NuGet packages to improve exceptions in .NET/C#

We love exceptions. Not in the oh-no-my-website-crashed kind of way, but all of the possibilities provided by exceptions and a good exception handling strategy. In this post, I'll introduce you to three different NuGet packages that will help you when dealing with exceptions in C#. .NET comes with a set of exceptions as part of the C# language. You've probably tried creating your own exceptions too by extending System.ApplicationException or similar.