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August 2022

Partner Talk: Chris Free, CEO of Chromatic

For the last 15 years, Chromatic CEO Chris Free and his team have built high-value websites and provided services for both clients and other agency partners alike. Beyond technology and design, Chromatic has built and nurtured a remote, global company culture that focuses on the individual, engendering staff loyalty and longevity. Get an unfiltered view from Chromatic about agency life, learnings, and the role Platform.sh plays in helping to deliver client value in this Platform.sh Partner Talk.

New improvement: global settings in console

At Platform.sh, we are committed to making your development and deployment experience as smooth and seamless as possible. As part of this effort, we regularly listen to your feedback to see how we can improve things. One of those things: is how complex it can be to configure environment or project settings from the Console. That is why we decided to regroup all settings pages together so that they’re easily accessible from a single location.