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August 2021

Keeping afloat during the flood of worker turnover

Almost four million U.S. workers a month are quitting their jobs. More than half of North American employees plan to look for a new position this year. And an alarming percentage of the workforce describe themselves as “burnt out.” Statistics like these are the shadow cast by the looming “talent turnover tsunami.” The pandemic has unmoored millions of people from their familiar patterns both at home and at work.

Platform.sh | Community Using AWS S3 snapshot repository for Elasticsearch

Contextual Code specializes in enterprise-level projects for state government agencies. We routinely tackle difficult web content management implementations, migrations, integrations, customizations, and operations. We know what it takes to get a project off the ground and onto the web. We use Platform.sh as our primary hosting platform because it’s incredibly flexible and it provides a vast list of services that can be set up very easily.

A beginner's guide to Platform.sh

Hey friends, I recently joined Platform.sh as a Developer Relations Engineer, and I’ve been playing with the platform for a few weeks now. In this blog post, I’ll share some things I’ve learned about Platform.sh, how I was able to deploy my first Node.js application, and a few features that I think could be improved.