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September 2023

Introducing Cloudsmith Navigator: Your Trusted Guide to OSS Package Quality

Discover Cloudsmith Navigator: a revolutionary tool designed to guide software engineering teams in selecting top-quality open source packages. By analyzing and scoring thousands of packages based on security, maintenance, and documentation, Navigator simplifies the package selection process. Choosing the right software package for your project can sometimes feel like finding a needle in a haystack.

Welcoming new leadership at Cloudsmith - a note from Alan Carson

Alan Carson writes about his experience and journey with Cloudsmith, as new CEO Glenn Weinstein steps in as leadership. I heard something recently, that resonated, about success. In a simple (but not easy) three-step plan; success happens when the following three things align: A great example is, of course, Steve Jobs and Apple. The contrarian idea was that every single human would need a personal computer. He was proven right. And he executed expertly (with a few ups and downs obviously!)