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April 2019

Serverless from the trenches 1: Protect your stack from deletion

It’s time to talk about the everyday challenges of serverless. Whenever I scroll through the latest blog posts on serverless it feels like there are only two types of problems in the field: how do I get started and how do I architect my solution. But what about all the day-to-day problems that developers and DevOps encounter when dealing with serverless? From simple deployment issues like protecting your stack from deletion to stress-testing your solution using serverless techniques.

Canary Deployment with LaunchDarkly and AWS Lambda

LaunchDarkly has built an impressive feature flag management system that overages more than 200 billion feature flags per day. It has helped companies implement continuous deployment, A/B testing, infrastructure migrations and much more. It also enables canary launches (or dark launches) through its built-in support for percentage-based rollouts.

When to use Lambda layers

AWS introduced Lambda Layers at re:invent 2018 as a way to share code and data between functions within and across different accounts. It’s a useful tool and something many AWS customers have been asking for. However, since we already have numerous ways of sharing code, including package managers such as NPM, when should we use Layers instead? In this post, we will look at how Lambda Layers works, the problem it solves and the new challenges it introduces.