Who Uses A Network Performance Monitor | Obkio

Who Uses A Network Performance Monitor | Obkio

Dec 19, 2020

Network performance monitoring has become a standard practice for modern businesses. Because of that, tools like network performance monitoring software have piqued the interest of users even outside of the IT team.

So let’s go over how different employees use a network performance monitor.

IT Directors & IT Specialists:
A network performance monitoring solutions allows IT directors and their teams to essentially do 80% of the work, with 10% of the effort.

It allows them to benefit from all three of the most common network monitoring use cases.

  • Network Assessment: When deploying a new service or application, validate that network performance is strong and reliable enough to sustain the deployment.
  • Network Troubleshooting: When users start experiencing network problems, IT teams can monitor performance to identify and troubleshoot network performance issues.
  • Continuous Monitoring: Proactively monitor and identify network issues affecting user experience, even before they realize there’s an issue at all.

Service Providers:
When internet connection slows, or VoIP calls start lagging, so begins the game of ping pong between service providers and clients to figure out if the issue is on their end, or on their clients’ end.

With network monitoring, service providers can provide clients with a solution that monitors network performance and notifies them whenever a problem arises anywhere along their network.

With information about what the problem is, and when and where it began, service providers can easily identify who is responsible for fixing the issue.

The Everyday User:
Most everyday users rely on strong network performance to use the internet, connect to their VPN, jump on client calls, and use cloud-based applications like an ERP or CRM.

If a network problem emerges, everyday users can leverage a network performance monitor to gather information about the cause and source of a network problem, and bring the data to the department responsible for fixing the issue.

Being in a position overlooking significant parts of a business, such as product or operations, it’s important to make sure everything is running smoothly.

A Network Performance Monitor is an easy solution to tool businesses provide clients, and employees, with the best possible end-user experience. With continuous monitoring, executives can ensure that their employees have the resources they need to work efficiently, without being bogged down by network problems.

Network problems affect everyone, from IT teams, all the way to users in departments like sales and accounting. Which is why it’s important for businesses to get an end-to-end view of their network infrastructure at all times.

Meet Obkio A simple network performance monitoring software that allows users to continuously monitor the health of their network to improve the end-user experience.

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Obkio is a simple network performance monitoring solution that allows users to continuously monitor the health of their network and core business applications to improve the end-user experience.

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