What is Network Monitoring | Obkio

What is Network Monitoring | Obkio

Jul 12, 2021

What is Network Monitoring?

We talk a lot about monitoring Network Performance, but what exactly does that mean?

Let’s quickly go over the vocabulary surrounding network monitoring.

When we talk about traditional network monitoring, we often refer to Fault Monitoring or Device Monitoring.

  • Device Monitoring refers to monitoring the use of network resources or network devices using SNMP protocol.

Network monitoring covers a vast range of techniques. It begins with device monitoring, but you can take it further by monitoring end-to-end user experience.

  • Network Performance Monitoring, which is what we do at Obkio, is end-to-end network monitoring of the user experience.

Network Performance Monitoring differs from traditional monitoring because performance is monitored:

  • From the end-user perspective
  • And between two points in the network

For example...

  • The performance between a user, who works in the office, and the application they use in the company’s data center.
  • The performance between the head office and the Internet.
  • The performance between your users and the cloud.
  • The performance between two offices in a network.

What is Network Performance?
So what exactly are we measuring when we say network "performance" monitoring?

Simply put, Network Performance refers to the analysis and review of network performance as seen by end-users.

There are three important concepts in that definition: Analysis and Review: Measuring key network metrics associated with network performance to collect and compare a history of the data you’ve measured. Measuring Performance Network Performance refers to the quality of the network. The quality will be different depending on where in the network the measurements are taken, as well as when they are taken. The End-User: The end-user experience is the most important factor. With the right monitoring tools we can turn the user's experience into measurable metrics, and translate those measurements into areas for improvement.

And that's where Obkio comes in.

Obkio Network Monitoring continuously monitors your network performance, to notify you when network problems occur - and gather information you need to troubleshoot them.

Obkio is a simple network performance monitoring solution that allows users to continuously monitor the health of their network and core business applications to improve the end-user experience.

Easily identify the source of a system failure and so you can quickly apply the corrective measures, right at the heart of the problem, before it affects your end users.

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