What are Manual Monitors?

What are Manual Monitors?

Feb 25, 2021

In this video, I'll explain what are Manual Monitors?

You’re also going to learn exactly how to create a Manual Monitor in just 2 simple steps while saving a lot of time.

With that, here’s what I’m going to cover in this video:
#1: First, I’ll show you how to create a new “Component”.

Think of Components like folders that contain other Fyipe resources and one of the resources it has is called "Monitors".

#2: Add a Manual Monitor to your Component.

Manual Monitors are monitors that do not actively monitor any resources. You can use them if you are using an external monitoring tool and can ping Fyipe API to create incidents.

I'll also show you how your team is alerted when your manual monitor goes down.

All in all, it's a power-packed video of 3 minutes.

About Fyipe:

Fyipe is a complete Site Reliability Engineereing (SRE) platform. It gives you a beautiful status page for your business, monitors your web apps, and alerts your team when downtime happens.

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